Domain satirical video series: Avalon Now
2017 Winner

Domain satirical video series: Avalon Now


Pyrmont, Australia

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

Content is key to connecting Domain to it's audience. The content and editorial vision is to help inform Australians about the latest property information, data and trends to help them make better decisions and enhance the property journey.

As part of the overarching strategy to become known as a progressive publisher that uses content to connect, Domain worked with small video company to create a unique and compelling content series that was funny, memorable and highly shareable. Domain wanted to connect with a new audience through humour, and reach those who had previously considered Domain as a print only, staid real estate brand.

The result was 'Avalon Now', an online series parodying the middle-upper suburb of Avalon on Sydney’s, Australia's north shore. The series was very different to traditional  marketing.

The Domain brand wasn't mentioned at all, there were little or no residential property references or product promotion and real estate agents and the obsession with property was poked fun of.

Gone was the usual 'emotional' focus on property and the home. The series looked at the bizarre and very funny obsessions people develop about the area they live in, and the quirks that insular living can create within friends and family. 

The goal was to reach new audiences and change brand perceptions through the power of shareability. Social media was the distribution mechanism of choice.

Results for this campaign

The first, small series 'Avalon Now' was a surprise hit and instantly viral. Cameos by local actor residents were a bonus and instantly added the magic shareable factor.  Respected actor Richard Roxburg was hilarious as the angry bottle shop owner.

The Domain sales teams instantly had numbers to pitch to advertisors. With new sponsors on board, Domain commissioned 'Avalon Now 2'. More budget, new episodes and superior production. Audiences who had watched Series 1 drove the anticipation in the pre-launch via social media. It was a huge success, smashing all goals set for the campaign and eclipsing the first season’s popularity. 'Avalon Now 2' ignited thousands of conversations and shifted the Domain brand into a new position, reaching thousands of new people organically.

The series had outstanding results:

  • Australians watched more than 950,000 minutes of 'Avalon Now 2', equivalent to almost two years

  • Video views on site more than doubled compared with Season 1, reaching close to a quarter of a million video views (237,475)

  • 'Avalon Now 2' drove 68 per cent more page views to than the first season, representing more than half a million page views

  • More than 26,000 social engagements (reactions, comments and share) and more than 1.7 million video views on Facebook and Instagram

  • 'Avalon Now' fans created and shared more than 450 individual pieces of unique user-generated content on social media.

  • Pre-launch activity reached 2.2 million people across Facebook and Instagram. 



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