Dab - shareable videos from the Guardian
2017 Winner

Dab - shareable videos from the Guardian

The Guardian

London, United Kingdom

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

Dabs exist to reach new audiences (global, connected, younger), to take existing content to new audiences in new ways, and to tell new and different stories to existing and new audiences.

We can reach new audiences on social - Facebook is the biggest social media platform with substantial possibilities for legacy news organisations, and most people access Facebook on mobile so this is the perfect format for delivering original news stories to a younger social audience. Facebook users love video, consuming 100 million hours a day. The values of Dabs are core journalism delivered in a purely digital way and informed by audience data. These are readable videos that are essentially visually consumable pieces of information.

Over 90% of audience on mobile regularly view content without sound, and are reading / viewing on the move. This presented a challenge in how to adapt our usual news/reporting style - without sound, the videos would need to be led by graphical information. This was a completely new grammar for the Guardian and our staff needed to train ourselves in how to make these videos. There was also an organisational challenge in making a format that was specifically designed for social media - off platform - rather than on the Guardian website. 

Additionally, people are busy and not everyone has the time to consume or is even interested in the news. Consuming news is time consuming, wanting to consume news is a hobby and not everyone has the time or the interest. So the aim is the make it easier for people to be smarter about the news. This is content that fits into people's live and doesn't ask them to alter their behaviour to consume.

Results for this campaign

The series is one year old, with 160m views from 130 videos, at an average of 1.2m views per piece.  As well as large viewing figures it's been exciting that a new and varied audience is being being exposed to Guardian content.

Also rewarding and encouraging for us is that we have published a wide selection of science, environment, global development, and education stories, core Guardian content, that have elicited huge amounts of positive social engagement from an audience that can be very active on subjects they care about. This positive engagement is a side of social media that you hear less about. 

The project has helped increase profile of video across the business, as increased awareness across the business of how news and information being consumed across different platforms. It's fed into ongoing learning on design and creative direction of video content. It's helped business learn that big audiences and engagement for topics and subjects that traditional news media have sometimes struggled to get across to wider audiences - climate change being one such example.


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