2017 Finalist

Repositioning the local media house as a one-stop shop for local SME marketing needs

Stadsporten Citygate AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Category New Concept to Incubate Products or Ideas

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Overview of this campaign


  • SME, with limited resources, express the need for partners who can help them reach targeted local audiences.

  • Local news organisations not only have established sales channels and long-term relationships with local SMEs, but also in-depth know-how of local market, client needs and preferences.

  • Thus, uniquely positioned to become the single trusted and top-of-mind local partner that can serve SMEs as the guide to a complex and fragmented digital media environment.

Overall Goal is to repositioning the local media house as a one-stop shop for local SME marketing needs.

  • Moving away from the traditional product-oriented position (i.e. selling inches of space in print).

  • Moving towards offering a complete online/offline marketing solution based on a mix of leading digital third-party services (Adwords, Facebook, Youtube) and online/offline in-house products (display, online classifieds and directories, outdoor, video, native).

In order to achieve our goal we have had to overhaul our product portfolio, packaging and sales organisations. Strategic objectives:

  • Re-create local growth through increasing revenue on a long term basis with mix of online and offline, own and third party advertising products.

  • Re-establish deep local relationships in SME with leading products such as Google AdWords, YouTube-ads, own display, own native, own online directories and classifieds.

  • Re-vitalize the internal organisations with knowhow on leading products.

  • Transition to a product-as-service/solution model focused on conversion and client outcomes through changing culture, pricing and sales methods.

  • Transition to offering complete digital-focused, client-oriented/client-focused/outside-in, solution orientation.

  • Shaking off internal product-oriented mentality: “An ad in our paper is all you need”.

  • Shaking off a product-oriented image/reputation: “They don’t understand digital.”

Results for this campaign

In March 2012 when our project started we had

  • Stagnation in ad revenue in the network.

  • Challenges in establishing the media houses own digital product range.

  • An incomplete product portfolio

  • A workforce lacking digital skills.

  • A mistrust in sales organisations of our networks’ traditional brands

Results so far in January 2017:

  • An average annual growth of 80 % in digital ad revenue since the start in april 2012.

  • Up to 35% of total ad revenue now based on other media than print

  • Google Premier Partner since April 2012 

  • A complete offering in the full range of Internet advertising including display, search, online catalogue and directories, video and mobile as well as in traditional media.

  • A solution oriented approach in sales

  • A wide range of business relationships based on monthly services, conversion rates and CPM and variations of combinations of these.

  • A network of 100s of certified experts in sales, traffic and campaign management



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