FT.com: The Fastest Publisher Site Worldwide
2017 Winner

FT.com: The Fastest Publisher Site Worldwide

Financial Times

London, United Kingdom

Category New Technology to Generate Revenue and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

Our goal was to increase revenues by making the site faster without spending resources on unnecessary efforts that don't yield commercial outcome. We faces 3 challenges: 

Business: We needed to understand the impact of a faster site on engagement and revenues. We conducted an AB test in which readers who had opted in to the new site were split into 4 groups, and each experienced a site that rendered 0, 1, 2 or 3 seconds faster than the old site. The test results showed that for every second increase in speed, our engagement score (RFV, based on Recency, Frequency, and Volume) increased by 5%. In subscription and ads inventory this translates into millions of pounds.

Product: We defined what we meant by “page loaded”. Taking a user-centric approach we defined “page loaded” as the moment when a user can start reading.

Technological innovation:


  • moved the whole website to http2, a faster protocol.

  • collected user performance metrics (RUM) from around the global to measure and diagnose bottlenecks

  • built various services to optimise the front-end code, eg. reduce boilerplate JavaScript, lazy-loading, compressed images

  • reduced custom fonts

  • implemented predictive feature loading to avoid loading page elements (such as comments) if unused

  • minimised third-party code by use of strict guidelines

Results for this campaign

Revenues: Speed has contributed massively to a 30% uplift in engagement (resulting in higher retention and conversion), and to an 18% increase in ads Inventory. These two factors have resulted in millions of pounds in annual revenue (cannot disclose exact number).

Leadership: Compared to key competitors (NYT, WSJ, BBS, Washington Post and more) via a third party, we are the fastest site in the industry.

Median page load time for desktop is 1.3 seconds.

Median page load time for mobile is 2 seconds.

Customer Satisfaction: “Faster” is one of the main reasons for users satisfaction with the new site.


Page load time of publishers site. Benchmark: SpeedCurve

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/GxoB2BBP4l_oh9-G-VcC1sNUOyKKE0BdW9IR9z9Yj3N9lim1tBI0gJUTLg6dNmXeuouHd7Q2dA_froU4YxOUQXJYaPsVIdSAPBJveA9xfSAbr-5dgwTBNj5Ae06BJs439-EiwcED" alt="" width="602" height="227" />


https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/UoyKIRwnQZNqtfYip2sVHN5A9AyQFL3UuKygCLVW20medAqkDqgxaG9yy4nXtaDlW-3X0v63Q8cYH1Lzy3JFZBcpMTsFvmOZ263b4OX4S8XghDTm_aTWHP_mAB6yiDmZkEY0xQUg" alt="" width="602" height="303" />


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