Programmatic Print – revolutionizing the trading of print
2017 Finalist

Programmatic Print – revolutionizing the trading of print

Ekstra Bladet

Copenhagen, Denmark

Category New Concept to Incubate Products or Ideas

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Demand for print advertising has declined drastically over the past 10 years but the effect of printed ads has not. The decline has meant that the prices of running printed ads have been reduced, thereby giving advertisers better contact prices. Meanwhile the demand for digital advertising has seen enormous growth and for the past years programmatic buying has gained momentum. The objective of programmatic print was to simplify and modernize the process of purchasing and booking a print campaign by integrating the process in the system where media buyers already book and purchase digital campaigns.

Ekstra Bladet began researching the markets wishes and the possible solutions. We wanted to find ways to encourage media buyers and advertisers not to disregard print. Media buyers work with online systems thus making the call to place an ad can be quite comprehensive when working with many campaigns and media at the same time. Many media buyers are young people who might not have that much experience with print. They are more or less born digital and are trained in the online systems where they have their daily work flow. 

To meet these demands Ekstra Bladet and JP/Politikens Hus teamed up with Adform to create a platform that made buying a print ad as easy as buying a digital ad campaign programmatically. The platform uses the digital terminology making the bidding process similar to the process of booking digital ad campaigns.

The thought behind the platform is a full cross media platform, where target group and reach are in focus. All titles in JP/Politikens Hus – including three national dailies and more than 43 local titles - are on board and the platform includes an integration with official readership data provided by Kantar Gallup. 


Results for this campaign


JP/Politikens Hus is the first Nordic publisher to introduce digital, automatic sale of newspaper print ads. The official launch was January 1st 2017 and the platform was developed together with Adform – one of the World’s leaders within ad technology. The platform offers four ways to purchase a print ad: Private Deals, Auctions / RTB, Request For Proposal (RFP) and Underbid. The auction purchase follows a traditional auction model where buyers place bids for the inventory and can see other bids. Once the auction closes according to deadlines the buyer with the highest bid wins. Through private deals agencies can easily find (based on readership data), select, reserve and book newspaper ads in a single smooth workflow. Like the digital ads, the printed ads can now be purchased on a CPM basis.


On December 26th Omnicom Media Group and the sports and leisure retailer Sportmaster ran the very first print ad bought programmatically. The market’s reception of Programmatic Print has been overwhelming. If we were to imagine that Ekstra Bladet had started as a digital media that later decided to launch a newspaper there would be no question; the booking of ads for the newspaper would be digital and set up in the existing platform in Adform.


Today advertisers can get insights in the performance of their digital campaigns via reports from Adform. With programmatic print, reports on print advertising will be generated including key metrics such as time spent, geographical distribution, precision in target group and more thus heightening the overall reporting on print campaigns


Claes Braagaard, Trading Director, Omnicom Media Group says: “The new platform provides a better overview of ad opportunities and creates more flexible workflows when dealing with print ads. This gives us more time for optimizing ad buying which benefits our advertisers”.


The launch of Programmatic Print is the first step towards a real cross channel - and audience first purchasing platform where offline – and online channels can be bought together. 



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