The podcast that turned a brand into a storyteller
2017 Winner

The podcast that turned a brand into a storyteller

Made By Fairfax

Pyrmont, Australia

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Harnessing the increasing popularity and relevance of podcasts, Made by Fairfax has recently turned focus to this form of storytelling, and saw an opportunity to present this medium to GE as a channel they could leverage to connect with their audience. While GE were intrigued by the concept of a podcast, they wanted a “big idea” grounded in GE brand values that would also make for great storytelling.

GE is an organisation with a tradition of producing life changing innovations. Over the last decade the company has gone through a period of transformation. A large part of this transformation is inspiring and attracting the next generation of digital movers and shakers into their business. With this in mind the concept of ‘Decoding Genius’ was unearthed, a series that aligned strongly to their founder Thomas Edison who famously said ‘Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine perspiration’.

The six-part Decoding Genius global audio series unpacks the concept of genius through the stories of six exceptional young people who are changing not just their world, but our world.

We explored what made them who they are, what gave them their inspiration, what problems they had overcome and the impact they feel they have made. We also investigated whether there is a gene for genius; is it something you are born with or can a genius be bred? What is it about a genius that science can’t explain?

A focus was to ensure the content had an international lense. Three of the geniuses were Canadian and many of the experts were from either Canada or the USA. In doing this, the content was appealing to global markets to push out through their channels.

Results for this campaign

The distribution strategy for the podcast series was important to drive results.

A diverse amplification plan included the development of a website destination (, a suite of targeted social creatives, an extensive native content package across a range of brands including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Spotify and The Huffington Post, as well as distribution through other key podcasts locally and globally including Fairfax Media’s successful podcast Phoebe’s Fall and popular American podcasts through the NPR network.

  • The podcast series received over 130,000 downloads over the course of the campaign.

  • Reached number #5 in the iTunes podcast charts

  • Featured number one in the Arts iTunes podcast section

  • Featured in New & noteworthy in the iTunes chart

  • GE was very happy with the results




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