“I remember” – thousands of voices recreating hundred years of history.

Svenska Dagbladet

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Digital Audience Usage and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

Further enhancing Svenska Dagbladet’s position as a provider of high-quality cultural journalism for a wide audience, using the tools and possibilities of the digital era. Taking reader engagement to the next level, with an innovative digital project.

Strengthening the bond between SvD and the core readership, by engaging readers to actively take part in the production of highly qualified journalism. Bridging the gap between print, digital editions and social media by encouraging print and online readers to partake in a digital project with submissions that are suitable for publication on all SvD platforms.  

Reaching out to new readers with a digital project adapted to the pace and formats of social media. 

Results for this campaign

More than 2 500 participants between the ages of 16 and 103 have submitted their memories to “I remember”. 

Submissions are poignant, well-informed, personal accounts of history, carrying journalistic, sometimes literary qualities, despite the brief format. 

The project resulted in much read and commented journalism, generating hundreds and thousands of page views on svd.se.   

 “I remember” was widely spread through social media, with several Facebook posts reaching as many as 500,000 viewers. 

 “I remember” was successful in bridging the gap between print and online editions, by inviting less digitally savvy readers to discover and engage with SvD.se and our social-media channels. 

The wide social-media reach also ensured that new readers in the younger segment came into contact with Svenska Dagbladet’s cultural journalism.

 By involving leading authors and artists, the campaign reinforced ties with high-profile brand ambassadors, furthering Svenska Dagbladet’s reputation as a provider of quality journalism. 

“I remember” was covered widely in local trade media. 

A selection of “I remember” contributions will be published as a trade book (Natur & Kultur, November 2017), edited and with a preface by historian and Swedish Academy member Peter Englund


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