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Fairfax Media

Sydney, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

South Australia Tourism Commission (SATC) has commissioned Fairfax to promote South Australia. As SATC put it: "South Australia is a fantastic destination for travellers.  We partnered with Fairfax to help us tell the story but also shed light on how it has been received.  Fairfax's Audience insights will help us identify what might be the messages that work, when and for whom they work best". Fairfax's approach has two pillars:
- Create inspiring content
- Establish and Manage Analytics on behalf of the client so as to:
Our team thought that we should simulate the Consumer's journey replete as it may be with digital experiences. As a leading news organisation with a large audience we are familiar with the digital distractions that make up Consumer Experience. Travel is synonymous with excitement and discovery so we expected that such digital distractions would be even more pronounced. Our approach aimed at:
- Identifying and dissecting Consumer preferences when it comes to thinking about and booking travel (we found these are related but not identical)
- Examining the digital interactions that maintain interest in the region as a destination (we found that if interest in the destination wanes, that is reflected in a lower booking rate)
- Informing ongoing strategy based on actual digital behaviours via frequent analyses and communication (where one needs to mash up three different disciplines within the Data & Audience Insights team as well as our colleagues from Commercial)
- Creating an ongoing communications regime in line with the length and distractions of the Consumer's digital journey (reflected in weekly, monthly and quarterly deep dive reviews)

Results for this campaign

We expected that there would be a lot of learning as we methodically shed light on different variations of the Consumer journey. That was one of the implicit success measures of our engagement. SATC were eager to distill our findings further, open to experimenting when several possible options were available. This 'test & learn' approach, though challenging to set up with scientific robustness, paid dividends within 3 months:
Awareness of the physical destination
- Increased unaided awareness 10 times
- Increased intention to visit by 50%
We measured via opinion surveys, with unbiased questions, making sure we had decent samples for all digital engagement paths.
Fairfax has also delivered a more engaged Audience to the client's headline digital destination
- twice as many page views on the client's site compared to SATC's own audience
- more exposure to the region than ever before (interest in regions outside of the capital)
- broader digital experience involving shares to social media
We decided not to stand in the way by keeping the audience within Fairfax, actively linking the Consumer through to the client's site. (This was also a departure from a traditional publisher's view which is to keep the Audience engaged *within* your sites).
SATC wrap it up best: "Audience insights that identify the reasons people travel in general and why they travel to South Australia in particular are essential in developing tourism in our geography.  Fairfax's understanding and analysis of digital behaviours have provided us with many new approaches to engage everyone who appreciates the destination that is South Australia".


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