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Capital Ideas

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Overview of this campaign

Capital Ideas is a community of business owners helping business owners by sharing what they know. It fosters the exchange of experience between Edmonton and Calgary entrepreneurs creating a marketplace of ideas for seekers and sharers of business expertise. It is creative and collaborative interaction leading to community-driven content.

Based on our success with the entrepreneurial community in Edmonton, Capital Ideas officially expanded to Calgary in 2015 after testing and community networking. At the core of everything we do is the belief -- validated by experience
-- that everyone in business has learned something that would be useful to others, and that unlocking that expertise would be transformative, not only for the city's business community, but for the city as a whole, not to mention for this newspaper and for the entire Postmedia chain.

With the weekly questions, monthly live events and networking opportunities, we created a new platform for business
owners to share their knowledge and experiences, seek advice and spread the word about their work and their
businesses. There is discussion and interaction among members, often between owners who normally wouldn’t cross paths. There is a serendipitous learning exchange at our monthly panels both from the owners speaking and between all those in attendance.

We are able to highlight many business owners and their insights in weekly pages of the Calgary Herald and
Edmonton Journal. This provided a new way to be recognized by the city’s business paper of record, see others
who could be partners, competitors and mentors.

Capital Ideas’ expansion to Calgary is another success for Postmedia’s Engagement Services team, with the most
fulfilling goal achieved being business owners taking new and next steps with their existing businesses after interactions with Capital Ideas and its community of entrepreneurs. We count non-business owners among our ranks, which we know include many using Capital Ideas as a place to network and learn how they can launch their own businesses.

Results for this campaign

With Capital Ideas, we created a community of business owners helping business owners across the province of Alberta. The expansion to the Calgary market in 2015 was met with enthusiasm and we saw our community grow to 1,144 members in the first year.

Members at end of 2015:

  • Edmonton: 2,785 (33.96% growth)
  • Calgary: 1,144 (287.80% growth)

The expansion to the Calgary market helped to secure additional revenue from our brand sponsor, ATB Business. Their investment for 2015 doubled with the addition of the second market.

Capital Ideas members are actively engaged:

1. They attend our events. Total attendees in Edmonton and Calgary at 2015 events (and average per event):

  • Edmonton: 1208 total, average 69/event
  • Calgary: 814 total, average 65/event

2. They read our newsletters.

  • Edmonton: 51 newsletters sent in 2015 with an email open rate of 29.5%
  • Calgary: 50 newsletters sent in 2015 with an email open rate of 38.5%

3. They are connected and share their Capital Idea experiences. The Twitter reach during live monthly events in 2015 (Jan.-Nov.):

  • Edmonton: 292,316
  • Calgary: 285,014

4. They participate as leaders and panelists at live events to share their knowledge with the community:

  • Edmonton: 38 panelists in 2015
  • Calgary: 36 panelists in 2015

Total members:

  • Edmonton: 2,785
  • Calgary: 1,144

Member growth in 2015:

  • Edmonton: + 706 members (34% growth)
  • Calgary: + 849 members (288% growth)


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