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The Oklahoman Brand Campaign

The Oklahoman Brand Campaign

The Oklahoman Media Company

Oklahoma City, United States

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

In 2015 The Oklahoman launched its Oklahoma Unfolded Brand Campaign, a sustained, strategic, data-driven marketing effort, and this is just one of over 20 different executions created for this comprehensive multi-channel campaign.
Before we kicked off, we executed an extensive brand health benchmarking study in January to establish where we stood in five key brand measures: unaided and aided awareness, brand favorability, purchase consideration, and Net Promoter Score. Through the process, we also discovered several consumer misconceptions about our brand and the fact that many were unaware of the vital role The Oklahoman plays in the community.
Our objectives were to reverse negative brand perceptions, increase brand health, and help drive circulation retention and growth.
We determined the best way to boost our brand and refute brand misconceptions was to reach out to our readers, community partners, and advertisers to give testimonials about their experiences with our products.
To engage our audience, we created a bold and vibrant design for the campaign. Each ad featured bright colors, a headline that asked the reader a provocative, open-ended question, quotes from a customer or community partner, and then factual evidence from a myriad of sources to back up our competitive claims.
We brought in more than 20 readers, community partners, and advertisers of all ages and backgrounds to speak on behalf of our brand. Through the scale and caliber of the content and our seamless integrated marketing strategy, featuring print and digital ads, television commercials, billboards, email blasts and direct mail — all using unified messaging — we began to see unprecedented traffic to our landing page as well as a dramatic uptick in our brand health measures.

Results for this campaign

Since August our Oklahoma Unfolded Brand Campaign has shattered a bevy of industry standards. First, we’ve seen click-throughs on our digital ads reach .17 percent, an 88.89 percent increase over the industry standard. Our email click-throughs have reached a level 108.56 percent higher than the industry standard of 5.14 percent at 10.72 percent. These high click-throughs have contributed to a total of 184,888 page views.
But what about our brand health measures? Since January, we’ve raised unaided awareness — the most important top-funnel brand measure — 41 percent among both customers and prospects. We also outperformed three major local TV brands, which averaged just .5 percent growth. Aided awareness increased from 93 percent to 95 percent. When it comes to brand favorability among prospects, we gained a substantial 33 percent. By August our net promoter score increased by 17 percent, but that was nothing compared to increases we saw in purchase consideration.
In a single year The Oklahoman nearly doubled purchase consideration among younger prospects, growing 87 percent. Even though this group, adults 25 – 44, has historically eluded newspaper brands.
In the end, more than 1,500 consumers visited our subscriber portal, and our online subscriptions grew significantly.


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