2016 Finalist

Innovating Everywhere


Dublin 2, Ireland

Category New Corporate Innovation Initiative

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Overview of this campaign

A year ago, Storyful was the world leader in social news for partners around the world. We had a suite of tools, an innovative approach to product design and had set the standards for sourcing, verifying and using eyewitness media in the news.

In 2015, Storyful set out to expand its business into new territories, help more partners extract value out of social, break into new markets and launch a range of tools.

Our goal was to help media, marketers and corp communicators tell stories important to their audiences.

Results for this campaign

A year later and Storyful has launched a new office in Australia, developed a range of new tools, signed a partnership deal with YouTube to run their Newswire, and worked with brand partners all over the world to change the way they communicate to their audiences using UGC.

It's led to the development of new teams with new areas of expertise for the organization and the marketplace. Storyful combined the rigor of journalism and the power of innovative technology to help business tell their stories to their audiences.


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