2016 Finalist

Afro Fashion Day Salvador

Correio Newspaper

Salvador, Brazil

Category Events to Build a News Brand

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Overview of this campaign

Afro Fashion Day Salvador was created to celebrate one of the most important dates on the Bahian calendar: Black Consciousness Day, which is commemorated on November 20. The idea was to display all the black culture, power, creativity, and beauty that we find in the Bahian capital, which is considered the blackest city in the world outside Africa.
We needed to create a movement to go beyond the demands that already spread throughout the city every year on this date, and we had the duty of bringing together an unprecedented cultural production.
A strong force was created – from the selection of models who represent the race, to invitations for Bahian artists who are engaged with the theme to participate in the parade. The production of content lasted one month, and was constantly highlighted in our print and digital media, in addition to social media, aiming to engage the entire population. We wanted to remove the weight of the suffering experienced by the first black people who were brought to Brazil as slaves – suffering that is perpetuated to this day in “modern society.” We wanted to show the resilience and empowerment of the Black Bahian people.

Results for this campaign

We filled Cruz Caída Square, which is located in Salvador’s Historical Center. We sold more copies than usual. We expanded our networks, with a 10% increase in Facebook fans and a 400% increase in Instagram followers. We communicated with black, white, mixed, and yellow young people. We made partnerships that increased the reach and the mindshare of our brands. We believe that this first edition of the unprecedented event was a success. The expectation is that each year, it will grow in a collaborative and sincere way throughout all its stages of creation and production.


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