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NZME Advertising Challenge 2015


Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign

In 2014, APN New Zealand instituted the Herald Ad Challenge, a competition designed to:

  • Lead the market through thought leadership and engaging activation
  • Motivate media and creative agencies to take a fresh look at NZME media assets, resulting in redirecting more of their media budgets to New Zealand Herald print and online and new client/incremental business (long term).

The inaugural challenge was a success, generating many innovative campaign ideas from across the industry. The winning campaign; advertising agency FCB’s ‘Sony Sideline Challenge’, went on to win 3 Gold Axis awards and 4 Gold Beacons.

Now in its second year, (and newly branded as the NZME Advertising Challenge) the competition has expanded to reflect the additional media capabilities of parent company NZME. Entrants are now challenged to create campaign ideas utilising all of NZME’s many assets, including; print, digital, radio, experiential, events, social and e-commerce.
The NZME Advertising Challenge remains at its heart, a vehicle for encouraging and rewarding new and innovative media ideas. However, this is secondary to positioning NZME as the best media brand for bringing these world-class ideas to life. Whether these originate from current or potential clients, or across both the creative or media sectors, it is the perfect way of showing what our organisation is truly capable of.

Our primary target audience were leaders of New Zealand’s major creative and media agencies. They were targeted via DM and email messaging, one-on-one sales relationships and through NZME’s sponsorship and leverage of the prestigious 2015 Beacon awards. The secondary audience – junior agency employees – were targeted via social media, and a display media partnership with StopPress.co.nz, the ‘go to’ destination for all news on the marketing and advertising industry.

Whilst the lure to beat competitor agencies remains a strong reason to encourage involvement, a prize of significant scale is also important. The prize value for 2015 increased to $400,000 rate card media, ensuring that all ideas – no matter how big – would be brought to life.

Results for this campaign

17 entries, each covering the full spectrum of NZME’s media capability, were submitted by independent and major agency groups. An increase of 50% from the 2014 competition.

Agency entries covered many blue-chip clients from a wide industry spectrum, including the banking, telco, entertainment, FMCG, media, tourism and charity sectors.

Pipeline leads and potential business generated from these campaigns to NZME was valued at over 250 times the campaign investment (excluding media prize)

In terms of revenue growth across the agencies and brands that entered the 2015 competition, revenue grew 14% YOY. This totalled over $700k worth of incremental revenue across the brands, including 4 brands that more than doubled their 2014 investment across the NZME group portfolio.

Generated in-depth coverage article with StopPress.co.nz on the NZME Advertising Challenge winning agency and their campaign http://stoppress.co.nz/features/shedding-conservative-robes-ogilvy-and-public-trust-win-nzme-advertising-challenge

The winning campaign was for the Public Trust and created by Ogilvy & Mather: a beautiful storytelling idea, to return 12 carefully chosen, valuable (monetary & sentimental) items to their rightful owners.

The story will be told by a real-life investigative series, played out across NZME media in real-time, right in front of your eyes via a content partnership.

The campaign is scheduled to be entered into the 2016 awards show process, focusing initially on the domestic events such as Axis (creativity), Beacons (media) and Effies (effectiveness). The activity that the campaign generates from these will be PR’d and communicated to trade media throughout the year.

Key client quote: “Other competitions award creative ideas that already exist, but this competition allows them to come to fruition for the client—and in doing so, showcases how creativity (and the right budget of course) can help to lift a brand’s reach and effectiveness. I hope the NZME Advertising Challenge continues for many years” – Denelle Joyce, Media Business Director, Ogilvy.


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