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Storyful Endeavours Prove Tasty

News Corp Australia

Brisbane, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

Endeavour College, Australia’s leading higher education provider of natural health courses, holds four open days a year around Australia to invite potential students to their campuses and courses. Their advertising objective? Expand the reach of their Open Day message in an innovative way to encourage their target market (18–34 year old females) to register for their October 2015 event.

The client advised they preferred mobile-only solutions but mentioned they liked first-to-market ideas. Endeavour College have impressive alumni with considerable presence across social media. From Lola Berry (100k), to Reece Carter (26.2k) and My Whole Food Romance (25.8k), this was the perfect opportunity for the advertiser to leverage the success of their graduates, by accessing user-generated content that aligned with their brand. News Corp Australia instantly knew that Storyful would be the perfect fit for Endeavour College.

Storyful (acquired by News Corp in 2013), sources, verifies and acquires authentic social content while engaging readers through real-time conversations and social curation. Filtering hashtags (i.e. #endeavour college), keywords (health, nutrition), and influencers (@yummololaberry) were used.

Through publishing this content within a Social Lumberjack execution on news.com.au (Australia’s number one news website) a first-to-market solution was provided that aligned to Endeavour College’s brand with relevant aggregated social media content to achieve their communication objectives.

Challenges presenting this solution included:
- recommending a brand-new product (social lumberjack) that had no previous results or case studies
- recommending a brand new technology solution in Storyful
- presenting a desktop-only solution to an advertiser who preferred mobile

To overcome the mobile challenge a complementary rich media mobile campaign ran as the precursor to the innovative desktop solution, ensuring a strong reach with the target audience across multiple platforms.

Creating this media-first solution, the full skills of the News Corp Commercial Integration team were utilised (producers, developers, integration managers), as well as the global Storyful team to deliver a compelling solution that fit seamlessly into news.com.au and consequently delivered impressive results.

Results for this campaign

This campaign surpassed all expectations set by the advertiser and publisher.

Utilising Australia's top online news brand (news.com.au), a brand new form of technology with Storyful, as well as incorporating the rich media execution in the social lumberjack, the success of the campaign was also due to the collaboration from multiple stakeholders.

This campaign introduced a new advertiser to News Corp's network, it generated strong revenue results for the publisher and it exceeded all targets. It delivered the highest number of registrations for an Open Day that Endeavour College had ever achieved.

Over the four week duration, news.com.au’s lifestyle vertical delivered 428,207 impressions, 178,207 more than originally forecast. The social lumberjack execution had an average interaction time of 3min 29secs, equating to a 0.78% interaction rate, well above expected average.

The benchmark provided for the lumberjack was 1,500 interactions but this campaign generated over double that number, with 3,334. This clearly demonstrated the power of Storyful in combination with news.com.au to deliver an innovative campaign.

The warm-up mobile campaign, with spot expander and video sidekick, provided excellent results driving additional engagement with the target audience. This audience targeted campaign females, aged 18-35, who were either foodies or keen on health/well-being, provided an additional 155,572 impressions of brand awareness and 723 clicks (CTR of 0.46%).

Following this successful campaign, Endeavour College has commenced another campaign with Storyful and News.com.au in January 2016, as well as additional mobile campaigns, that have been very successful and achieved significant results.

Mik Grieve, Marketing and Acquisitions Manager, Study Group, said,
"The results ...actually blew me away a little. Though I didn't have set expectations per se, I knew we would potentially have fairly reasonable traffic to the Natural Heath Open Day site... but I was in no way expecting the thousands of visits we received in such a short time. And that engagement and visitation to the site enabled us to have our biggest Open Day that we have had."

Video case study: https://vimeo.com/151869382


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