2016 Finalist

Helsingin Sanomat Multi-channel frontpage ad

Sanoma Media Finland / Helsingin Sanomat

Helsinki, Finland

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

Helsingin Sanomat is the biggest Nordic daily newspaper and our web-services reach nearly 2 million Finns every week.

The front-page of Helsingin Sanomat newspaper has always been an ad. The print frontpage generates us a lot of money every year but like all print advertising - it was going down. But the front-page of Helsingin Sanomat is still "the place to be" in the Finnish advertising scene when you want your message to A)make a statement and B)reach a lot of people at the same time as we still have 800.000 readers every day (15% of all Finns).

At the same time our webservices (desktop, mobile and tablets) have grown to reach a lot of people but we're struggling to monetise the online environment as efficiently as print.

Advertisers are familiar with basic online advertising (i.e. CPM and CPC sales models) but would love to buy easy-to-understand products that are visible at the website a certain period of time (time-based).

So we put together these two things (print and digital) and invented the "Multi-channel front-page ad" which means that the advertiser gets its front-page ad in all of our channels (print, desktop, mobile and tablet) at the same day and with a simple solution. We created new placements for this in our digital channels so it didn't mean that we would have needed to give any digital inventory - thus digital money.

Combining print & all digital channels to a one product also grew the reach of this product for over 1.000.000 Finns every day (20% of Finns)!

Results for this campaign

Advertiser results
-the product produced a lot of brand awareness for advertisers
-the digital channels generated 4000 clicks to advertisers web page on average
-we have cases where advertisers own websites collapsed due to too much traffic from our multi-channel ad
-several cases where advertisers have hit their own sales records
-one case where an advertiser had to stop selling for a couple of months because they received so many orders in just one day

Results for us as a publisher
-we were able to significantly slow down the sinking of the price level in print front pages
-the multi-channel frontpage turned our total frontpage sales in growth for several percentages (i.e. just print frontpage sales in 2013 vs. print + digital frontpage sales in 2014 and 2015)
-the fullfillment rate of multi-channel frontpage ads was over 80% in the first year and about 90% in the second year
-a lot of great feedback from advertisers and media agencys for creating such an innovative product that brings excellent results, is easy to understand and really easy to buy
-bags of money ;-)


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