2016 Finalist

The Club of People Who Don't Know Boredom: From Subscription Plan to Fun Lifestyle Club

Gazeta do Povo

Curitiba, Brazil

Category Print Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

The Gazeta do Povo had always offered its subscribers various advantages and discounts in a number of commercial establishments. However, the club was no longer a perceived as a big attraction.
How to turn these advantages into something bigger than a simple list of places where you can pay less?
We updated the advantages plan and relaunched as The Gazeta do Povo Club – the club of people who don’t know boredom, offering way more than only discounts, but an invitation for a more active, happy and joyful lifestyle.
“More than only discounts, the Gazeta do Povo Club became an invitation to a more active happy and joyful lifestyle”
Besides producing pieces for TV, radio and Internet, that made fun of how tedious everyday was for people before they had met the Club, we emphasized the advantages of access for the published content and also promotions in theaters, cinemas and restaurants.
A strategy that was used as well to attract more members to the club were personalized routes presented by our team according to the profile of the subscribers, letting them know how to get to places, the best days to go out and how much money the members of the club would save.

Results for this campaign

Subscribers Base
On printed newspaper – growth of 10% between January/15 and December/15
On digital newspaper – growth of 116% between January/15 and December/15
Growth of 66% on the number of subscribers in the Gazeta do Povo website - Paywall
- More than 55.000 Club cards issued in 2015, 168% more than the year before.
- Satisfaction Rate about the advantages of the Club of 82% (10% above the first promotion)
- 73% of the interviewed customers recognized that 50% of the price of subscription is paid with the benefits and discounts from the Club.
- From December/14 to December/15, our fan page went from 676 to 10.000 followers
- The club closed 2015 with 755 active partners like restaurants, bars, cinemas, stores, gyms and entertainment in general.


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