2016 Winner

Pedometer Inprint


Paris, France

Category Print Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

Everyday, 18 millions of French people read the regional daily press (in its print version), but it still can be seen as an old media.

366, the exclusive sales representative of the regional daily press, is here to prove how the regional daily press can be an innovative media.

On their side, Intersport’s stores (major French sport retail company) of Amiens region wanted to realize a drive to store operation, linked to their commercial operation dedicated to Running.


  • To offer a new and real experience to Amiens inhabitants
  • To freshen the regional daily press image and show that this media can be bold and inventive

In this context, we decided, in collaboration with our communication agency Les Gaulois (part of Havas network), to stick a pedometer on Courrier Picard, the Amiens regional newspaper (50 000 copies per day), on March 25th.

The concept was simple: the more you walk, the more you win.

Readers had to achieve 10 000 footsteps (which is the WHO recommendation) in order to win a €20 discount on Intersport Running products.

The challenge was to make people go to Intersport’s stores in an innovative way, and to manage to miniaturize a pedometer so it can be integrated into the newspaper’s cover.

A one-day operation:

  • Night of March 24th: integration of the miniaturized pedometer on Courrier Picard cover.
  • March 25th: distribution of the newspaper in Amiens early morning and welcome of participants in Intersport’s stores all day.

Results for this campaign


The Courrier Picard, with the pedometer Inprint was distributed to Amiens inhabitants on March 25th, early morning. People were surprised and very interested by this operation.

Many of them achieved the 10 000 footsteps and used the €20 discount.


1. A really satisfying public relation result : the operation was relayed by a lot of national advertising and media websites (CB News, Urso French, On Like, Offre Media, Les clés de la Presse, Mediaspecs, Ads and more, Market Formation, Influencia, Heman, Geek Lab, Social Planneur, France Bleu…).

2. Besides, the pedometer Inprint received 3 prizes and:

  •  Grand Prix des Medias : best advertising event
  •  Prix Presse au futur : best commercial innovation
  •  Grand Prix Strategies du Sport : best media partnership

3. Beyond being a really good branding operation for Intersport and Courrier Picard, the pedometer Inprint has generated additional sales, with a 6.2% conversion rate in the concerned area (which was Amiens city).


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