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Newsday Mobile App

Newsday Mobile App

Newsday, LLC

Melville, United States

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Overview of this campaign

We totally rebuilt the Newsday app from the ground up and launched it in mid-2015 to make it very community/local focused with a focus on social media and sharing and a particular slant toward utility for our users.

The app is customizable to any of the 220-plus communities on Long Island for news, events, high school sports, weather, traffic, among other things.

Users are able to choose the types of alerts they want to receive, such as breaking news, sports, business, opinion, weather and traffic with an easy to use preference center.

The new weather map can be easily customized to show a variety of weather conditions on Long Island and around the world. It also has a future cast that shows what the next six hours look like and lets you easily track rain, snow and storms. The new traffic map has up-to-the-minute traffic conditions, plus users can save their favorite routes and see live traffic cameras, gas stations and any traffic jams along the way.

The apps allows users a seamless way to get updated content minute by minute or read the e-edition at their leisure.

The app also gives advertisers new ways to interact with customers including their own content pages accessible in the navigation and integration on the app launch screen.

Results for this campaign

The app launch has been very successful in attracting new users and engagement which has broken records most months since the app was launched. Traffic has grown 20 percent year over year. Almost 50 percent of our overall Newsday digital traffic is to our app.


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