2016 Finalist
IGN México

IGN México

Metro International

Santiago, Chile

Category New Print Product

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

- To reach a newly engaged digital audience segment, “Videogames and Geek culture followers”, via a different channel: print.
- To leverage on Metro’s current extensive reach via the print platform to further position a brand and a digital product.
- To capture both audiences and advertisers in this particular segment who still have a preference for Print products.

Results for this campaign

- 20% of overall product revenue comes from the print supplement, within a segment that is predominantly engaged in digital platforms.
- Tapped on advertisers who only run on print (ACER, ASUS, SENNHEISER). Also engaged advertisers who ran both on print and digital (MSFT).
- Readership: the supplement comes out on Tuesdays. This day has jumped to second position in readership (Friday has been first, historically), attracting an audience that seeks all videogames and “geek” content on print.


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