2016 Winner

The Pyramid

Svenska Dagbladet

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Paid Content or Subscription Initiative

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Overview of this campaign

Our days were numbered according to media experts. We were questioned and competitors thanked us for a good game.

That´s where our journey began three years ago.

Today Svenska Dagbladet, a national morning daily in Sweden, is competitive and strong in all channels with the most modern platform in Europe. We succeded to survive thanks to innovative digital advertising solutions and creative journalism online which increased the readers engagement and made them more willing to pay for our content despite channel. Our traffic figures growed and so did the digital revenues. And during the vibrant 2015 these actually compensated the decline on the print side. One of the recipes was a subscription initiative that has been followed by several Swedish newspapers.

A milestone.

So in the middle of the worst newspaper crisis ever the think-tank SvD managed to buck the trend and the development. Using a profusely awarded winning journalism, a well thought-out multi-channel strategy, a veritable delving in customer needs, a sharp customer segmentation and a logical and successful business model that made digital readership grow.

A milestone.

And best of all is that all employees were involved in this success story - in project groups, in workshops, in creative meetings. Department boundaries have been erased and new partnerships have been born. 2015 was the year we became "One Svenska Dagbladet".

A milestone.

We have reached our objectives and though the future looks challenging we feel confident. The game continues.

Results for this campaign

Our results talks for themselves. During 2015 we became the biggest morning daily online in Sweden – in mobile and laptop. We succeeded to implement the cliché “Digital first” in the newsroom and at the sales departments. We went from a printed newspaper making a site to a digital organization that also produces a printed newspaper.

Up to Q3 we have made one of best results in modern time. We have increased our total online revenues, ads and circulation, with 28 percent and our EBITDA with 100 percent!

We have also increased the number of digital subscribers with 79 percent thanks to our smart paywall and our acclaimed digital storytelling that has made readers pay for content. A successful hybrid.


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