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Kenco Coffee V Gangs

The Irish Times

Dublin , Ireland

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Overview of this campaign

Kenco is well known for its great tasting coffee and expert blends. The brand is also acclaimed for its sustainability credentials, with priority and focus being given to supporting countries in which Mondelez Ireland - owner of Kenco - sources its coffee.
In September 2014, Kenco unveiled its a campaign that aims to transform the lives of young people in Honduras. Honduras is one of the biggest producers of coffee in the world, but it’s also said to be the most dangerous country on earth outside of a conflict zone. The options are so limited, that many young people end up joining gangs.
Coffee Vs Gangs is a Mondelez and Kenco campaign aims to encourage young Hondurans to choose a life of coffee farming over gang life. Kenco took 20 young people, selected by local NGOs, and enrolled them in a 1yr training course to give them the skills to work in the coffee industry. Through education & training, the aim is for each young participant to have a business plan at the end of the project & the skills, confidence to turn their plans into commercial reality.
The objectives for Kenco was one of relevance; how could we take a global campaign and make it local? More specifically, how would we communicate how a campaign to help vulnerable young people 5,000 miles away in Honduras is relevant to Irish consumers buying their coffee here? And moreover, how would we effectively communicate how the coffee brand we buy has the potential to make a life-changing difference to young people trying to escape a life of gang violence in Honduras? And why does that all matter anyway?
Kenco Ireland set out the following core objectives for The Irish Times
1.Promote the ethical values of Kenco by generating positive awareness of Coffee Vs Gangs campaign.
2.Fuel Irish consumer interest and engagement with Coffee Vs Gangs project
3.Drive social media engagement
4.Bring Coffee Vs Gangs to life, inspiring positive engagement in the campaign.

Results for this campaign

The Irish Times set about creating a content lead solution over an 11 month period. Gary Quinn, then Irish Times Digital Features Editor (now Content Services Editor) created a Coffee V Gangs Microsite http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/coffee-vs-gangs. The content was published across the Irish Times digital and print platforms, incorporating the best use of writing, video, audio and images to convey a real and honest portrayal of the people, places and issues involved.

Gary’s content ranged from stories about the country of Honduras and its dangers to articles about his own personal relationship with the Coffee vs Gangs project. He began a diary of his preparations to make his trip to Honduras (taking place in April 2015). He started Spanish lessons so he would be able to communicate with the participants in the scheme. But most importantly he wrote about the people the project was about. He organised Skype calls with the Coffee vs Gangs trainees and released several content threads telling each of their stories. Gary visited Honduras in May 2015 and spent a week with the 20 participants, this created further video content about his journey.

The Irish Times used a combination of RAM (Research Analysis of Media) and our own data and analytics to gain results.
77% of those who saw the Kenco ad strongly agreed it made them feel positive towards the Kenco brand.
Positive publicity reached 400,000 people.
Users spent 1.23 minutes reading each article, a significant "dwell" time indicating relevance and interest.
We had significant social engagement primarily across Twitter but also with Facebook.
We ran multiple RAM panels over the course of the campaign. Some of the open ended responses to the campaign included;

“Made me aware of the desperate plight of poor people especially women in a macho and lawless society and of the good that can be done by ethical firms”.
“Brilliant initiative and well done Irish Times for raising awareness”
“Anything that can have a positive affect on marginalised sections in any community anywhere in the world today must be a forward step. Well done to Kenco.”

In a survey of 278 RAM panel members
96% of respondents thought the Coffee vs Gangs initiative was "thought provoking"
95% said it raised awareness of issues in Honduras
95% said it was interesting content
80% agreed it was a good fit with The Irish Times.
77% said they would like to see more campaigns like this in The Irish Times .
65% agreed it would encourage me to choose Kenco above other coffee brands.
(Source RAM panel July 2015 278 respondents)
Outside of our own research, Kenco measured their objectives (for their entire campaign across all channels incl The Irish Times)


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