2016 Finalist

Frontier Communications


Rochester, United States

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

Frontier Communications is poised to take market share from the leading local Internet service provided, Time Warner, based on continued product investment by Frontier and Time Warner’s pending merger with Charter Communications. However, Frontier has not been seeing results from their existing marketing plan developed by a local agency which is heavily reliant on television advertising. Frontier’s key business objectives are to position themselves as the best Internet service provider in the Rochester region and capture new customers. D&C Media’s Client Strategy and Sales Team conducted a thorough needs assessment followed by fielding custom primary research and analyzing Frontier’s customer database to identify key market factors and opportunities. The primary research explored satisfaction levels with Frontier’s service, comparative ratings on the client’s product attributes and the likelihood for different types of consumers to convert. The research and database analysis revealed a winning segmentation strategy based on the

market opportunity. This included targeting higher-end older consumers for Internet and Phone Bundles, while focusing on Middle Class families and young adults without children for stand-alone high speed internet services.

Results for this campaign

The team demonstrated to Frontier’s top executives where the greatest opportunity was and proposed a bold $150,000 integrated marketing solution ($100,000 incremental) to effectively target those consumers geographically in the region. The solution included ROP, native content, D&C.com & USA TODAY targeted display and pre-roll, retargeting (aimed at capturing competitive interest), and a presence in the D&C’s Insider program. The client committed to the investment and is funding it by redirecting their budget from television advertising. Frontier’s team was thoroughly impressed and stated that in all the years working with media companies and agencies, they had never seen such a polished and well put together plan.


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