2016 Winner

Davos and Bank of America


New York, United States

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos has become an increasingly important event for global leaders to present and share their ideas. In recent years, it’s also become a worldwide media event that establishes many of the narratives for the year ahead.

As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, Bank of America looks for opportunities to extend the conversation happening at Davos to those around the globe obsessed with the global economy.

Quartz executed a branded content program that put Bank of America at the front-and-center of the conversation with a thought leader audience, offering same-day, “real-time” coverage of the events unfolding in Davos along with companion data visualizations that incorporated the forum’s themes.

Results for this campaign

The four branded content units we released during the Davos meeting fit neatly within Quartz’s stream of editorial content on the forum, finding interested readers throughout the life of the program. The data and reporting we presented proved to be timely and sophisticated enough for high social sharing volumes by the thought-leader target (including Senator Cory Booker). Our program’s best performing content saw over 1,500 organic social actions, and an interaction depth of more than five actions per user.

Perhaps most importantly, the program was renewed for another round in 2016.



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