2016 Winner

Loyalty Program – From An Anti-Churn Tool to a Profit Generator

Schibsted Norway

Oslo, Norway

Category Create New Profit Centers

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Overview of this campaign

All newspaper companies are faced with way too much churn and many companies have high hopes for loyalty programs to reduce the churn.

It is, however, difficult to prove its efficiency – does it really work as an anti-churn tool?

Our challenge was – how to make our loyalty program to something Aftenposten need to have rather than nice to have?
We needed a solution that created business for all parties – a win-win scenario.

The solution was to introduce three different business models that enable us to customize for each partner to optimize sales and revenues for both parties.

Results for this campaign

Revenue model 1- Barter:

We trade advertising towards tickets. Our partner may spend the barter amount on any advertising surface. Our tickets are re-sold through our partner and the income accrues Aftenposten.

Revenue model 2 - Commission:

With all our partners within the travel business and retail, we use a business model based on commission. Aftenposten will market the trips and products through our loyalty program and will receive a percentage or fixed commission for each sale.

Revenue model 3 - Market Contribution:

A fixed sum is paid to Aftenposten to be part of our loyalty program and our marketing through our website, print and digital ads as well as our digital newsletter.


Today potential partners are knocking on our door and the number of partners is rising.

The number of user transactions increased from 60 – 100 000 last year. More categories of offers were introduced to accommodate for the next generation of readers.

We make use of unsold ad space and in 2015, our loyalty program generated an income of 800 000 US dollars, achieved with the manpower resource of only one person. So from the perspective of revenue alone, it is obvious that the loyalty program has moved from a nice to have to a need to have program!


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