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WSJ 'Make Time'


New York, United States

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

In 2014, WSJ was facing unprecedented challenges; from a changing news landscape and the onslaught of bite-sized digital, free options available, to an aging subscriber base and an increase in subscriber churn. We needed to modernize the Journal to meet the demands of a younger, more digital audience that didn’t see the Journal as relevant.
A global segmentation study helped us understand the barriers and opportunities to subscription, from which we identified what united WSJ customers was a shared emotional drive: relentless ambition to succeed. It led to a galvanizing global brand idea, Read Ambitiously.
What’s more, application of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to our segments revealed the biggest obstacle for prospects and at risk subscribers was a perception problem – people think they simply don’t have the time to read the Journal.
This insight led to The Wall Street Journal’s first brand awareness campaign in 7 years based on the premise that the world’s busiest and most successful people don’t have time to read The Wall Street Journal. They make time to read The Wall Street Journal.
The “Make Time” campaign featured a diverse range of famous readers and business leaders, from fashion designer Tory Burch, to entrepreneur will.i.am, to SAP CEO Bill McDermott and Supermodel Karlie Kloss, showing that despite being extremely busy they believe WSJ is worth making time for.

Results for this campaign

The Make Time campaign ran in 2015 across TV, web, social, digital, print and OOH, and was effective at driving brand reappraisal. Brand studies showed the following results:

40% increase in unaided brand awareness

183% increase in ad message awareness

Grew our prospect pool by 24.5%

13% reduction in churn over the last year

7:1 positive sentiment for WSJ following the campaign

In 2015 The Journal reported its best results for new subscriptions in the past four years.


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