2016 Finalist

Sky 1 Apocalyptic Takeover of The Mirror

Trinity Mirror

London, United Kingdom

Category Print Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

Trinity Mirror Solutions is the commercial advertising sales division of Trinity Mirror Group, one of the largest multimedia publishers in the UK, whose newsbrands include the Daily and Sunday Mirror, Daily Record, Liverpool Echo and Manchester Evening News.
Our Invention team works with clients and our editorial teams to tailor-make solutions that build strong connections between our audience and brands at both national and regional levels. Invention puts the core values of mass-market Britain – the middle 50% of the population we call Modal Britain – at the heart of our creative development process, generating ideas that connect with our audience and their circle of influence.
Sky TV is the UK’s largest pay-TV broadcaster, with 12m subscribers in 2015. Sky 1 is its biggest entertainment channel and Sky TV invests significantly in the commissioning of original programming and acquisition of great content from around the world.
In 2015, Sky 1 need to launch its latest acquisition – the new flagship comedy drama You, Me & the Apocalypse - a bold, adrenaline-fuelled comedy drama about the last days of mankind.
But viewers have hundreds of TV channels to choose from and often end up reverting to the same shows or watching on-demand – especially in households with families who have their agreed favourites.

Our campaign objectives were to:
• Drive tune in for first TX.
• Drive awareness
• Create buzz, excitement & talkability around the show.
We needed an innovative and cut-through solution, combining clever use of print advertising and engaging content that would jolt families out of their typical viewing habits and get them to tune in to the first episode of this series.
The creative solution needed to originate in our understanding of our Modal Britain, modern mainstream audience. Research told us that families enjoy sharing in the viewing experience of ‘TV that everyone is talking about’, and that our opportunity was to leverage their ‘fear of missing out’.

Results for this campaign

And so, with echoes of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast, we created an End of the world special edition of our biggest title, the Daily Mirror: in an apocalypse-themed takeover that dramatically destroyed sections of our most prestigious editorial. The print advertising elements focused on:

• A Meteorite crashing through the masthead of The Mirror, a media first
• TV listings ‘wiped out’ from 9pm TX time.
• End of the world makeover for horoscopes
• Iconic Andy Capp cartoon adopts apocalypse storyline
• Burnt out & scorched ‘apocalypse’ 8 page pullout

In addition to national title The Daily Mirror, the campaign ran across The Daily Record, Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, Newcastle Chronicle, Bristol Post and Nottingham Post.

The partnership smashed its targets on all three objectives:

• 2015’s largest audience of any new Sky 1 series
• New viewers to Sky 1 – a whopping 25% of first episode’s viewers

• Higher amongst Mirror readers than non-readers (61% vs 50% aware)
• Sky 1 brand attribution higher amongst Mirror readers (45% vs 31%)
• Creative elements cut-through better than advertising norms: 82% recall of masthead creative (RAM advertising norm of 56%); 76% recall of featured article and 69% of vanishing TV page

Buzz, excitement and talkability:

• Collaboration with editorial colleagues worked brilliantly – creative elements and bespoke advertising formats intruding into editorial spaces created an engaging experience for readers:
o ‘I thought this was a fun way of promoting a new TV show’ (41%)
o ‘It was nice to see something a bit different done’ (37%)
o ‘Using TV pages is a good way to promote a TV programme like this’ (34%)
o ‘They made me think something big was happening’ (21%)

All this made the client very happy: Sian Jones, Marketing Controller of Sky 1, said:
‘This was a really engaging and disruptive way to put You, Me & The Apocalypse front of mind in a key TV decision-making moment and drove new audiences to Sky 1.’


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