2016 Winner

Bieber Coverage on Snapchat


Oslo, Norway

Category Social Media

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Overview of this campaign

Our goal was to be as user friendly as possible to the Bieber audience during Justin Bieber’s visit in Oslo by broadcasting live on of one of their natural platforms: Snapchat. The goal included utilizing the Snapchat engagement and publish clips from the Snapchat audience on our other platforms (VG.no, vgtv.no and Facebook).

Our goals were:

  • 250 % increase of VGTV Rampelys’ Snapchat views per published video/photo in connection with the Bieber Oslo visit (from 4000 views to 10 000 after the visit)
  • To have a substantially high rate of engagement on VGTV Rampelys’ Snapchat account during the broadcasting of Bieber’s Oslo visit (VGTV Rampelys normally has 350 received posts/videos per day from their audience)
  • To generate in total 300 000 started streams to VGTV’s site (excluding native videos on Facebook) from the Bieber production with help from Snapchat video contributions

Results for this campaign

The solution was to update live from the field on Snapchats’ My Story during the day of Bieber’s Oslo visit. All Snapchat activity was produced by our entertainment team (who also where starred in the clips) and uploaded on the Snapchat account “VGTV Rampelys”.


  • 450 % increase of VGTV Rampelys’ Snapchat views per published video/photo due to the Bieber Oslo visit, from 4000 views to 18 000 right after. Today VGTV Rampelys has approximately 22 000 views per published video/photo on Snapchat
  • VGTV Rampelys’ Snapchat account got approximately 1000 posts/videos from their audience during the day of Bieber’s visit, where many were usable to publish on our other platforms
  • The received videos from the VGTV Rampelys Snapchat audience resulted in many well performing clips posted on our other platforms (VG.no, vgtv.no and Facebook)
  • The Bieber production generated 1,3 million started streams in total to VGTV’s site (excluding native videos on Facebook) as a result of the Snapchat video contributions
  • VGTV had the highest amount of traffic to the site (started streams) among the Norwegian news aggregators during week 44, when the Bieber visit took place. VGTV had 5 % more started streams than NRK that week, in contrast to the prior 2 months (9 weeks) when NRK slightly over performed VGTV traffic wise, implying the excellent Bieber coverage


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