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The Great Indian

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new delhi , India

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Overview of this campaign

The Times of India is like the mirror image of what happens in India, everyday. Some things happy, some things sad, but often very funny. To celebrate this spirit, The Times of India presents “The Great Indian” – an initiative that presents the funny side of India. The Great Indian is a humorous campaign that celebrates various uniquely-Indian quirks that makes us 'like that only'.
There were three characters under the campaign:
• The Great Indian Chamcha
• The Great Indian Litterbug
• The Great Indian Lover
The objective of the campaign was to create social awareness through the characters with a humour angle since people don’t like to be taught. It projected Indian idiosyncrasies using humour as the key driver to build social amplification. It gave people a platform to voice out their thoughts and act upon them. The campaign also magnified the user generated content to the scale of a petition to the authorities. A film was produced for each character and promoted primarily on digital platforms supported by print, cinema screening and radio.
Description of the characters launched in January & February are as follows:
The Great Indian Litterbug
This is the second character in The Great Indian series. A legend. He can convert a city into a wasteland so advanced is his techniques. This character celebrates those Indians, who irrespective of their cast or status take littering as a birth right since the time they are born. This campaign had several on-ground events like monstrous installations, Junk Juxtaposed with NIFT, Junk Percussion, Street Integrations.
The Great Indian Lover
The Great Indian Lover celebrates the Indian lovers who have moved with technology but not with nifty moods. All notions of desi cuffed and non-cuffed romance flow from this fountainhead.
For The Great Indian Lover we created a Wall of Kisses where people can express their love by kissing and sharing a message. This activation was carried across markets.

Results for this campaign

User generated content have been uploaded in thousands through social media and Great Indian website in support of the initiative.
Great Indian Litterbug
– Installation competition with NIFT involved over 250 teams across 15 campuses in India.
– Over 1000 people participated in the monstrous installation activity at Cannaught Place.
– Over 3000 people participated at the Junk Percussion and Junk Musical across malls, corporate hubs and clubs in Delhi, Gurgaon & Mumbai.
– Arvind Kejriwal video on Litterbug got 3 million views in 2 weeks. Launched a day before Arvind Kejriwal became CM.
Great Indian Lover
– Over 250,000 people participated at the “Wall of Kisses” activation across markets.
– The second on-ground initiative “Pyaar Ka Dushman” also generated a participation of over 50,000 people across markets.
The huge success on the digital platform was also accompanied by the surround sound created through support media.
• Website detailing the 3 characters and highlighting the UGC generated there upon
• Huge social media activations on facebook, twitter & youtube
• Online banner ads at relevant high traffic websites like faking news, rofl india & schoopwhoop
• Blogging contest with Indibloggers & Kolkata Bloggers
• Arvind Kejriwal’s interview on Litterbug which got 3 million views in 2 week’s time
• Extensive print ad support to create social awareness by depicting the various traits of the characters.
• The ads were also designed to drive user generated content.
• Stand-up comedy shows by renowned stand up comics like Papa CJ , Sorabh Pant and Radhika Vaz
• Junk Installations, junk percussion, street junk musical for GI Litterbug across markets
• Wall of Kisses for GI Lover across markets
Radio spot campaign was released across 6 major metro cities.
The videos were also screened in cinemas across major metro cities.
The Great Indian You Tube Channel:


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