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Yellow Boats


Stockholm, Sweden

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Overview of this campaign

Images of the dead boy, Alan Kurdistan, aroused commitment. Private individuals and companies around Europe asked themselves the same question: what can we do to help people fleeing from war and terror?

As did we at Schibsted.

We called the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, a non-profit organization that, with no government funding, operates 69 rescue stations along the Swedish coast.

We asked:

“Never mind the problems and difficulties. We’ll deal with those later. We reach the Swedish people through our channels. You can save lives. We’re just wondering: can’t we save lives in the Mediterranean together?”

Less than a month later, two Victoria-class lifeboats had been loaded onto large trucks and driven through Europe to the port of Piraeus in Greece.

Initially, the Greeks were taken aback by the jolly Swedes with their orange-yellow boats, seeking to save lives.

Thanks to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society’s international reputation, however, we quickly became the first NGO (Non Governmental Organization) to be authorized to assist the Greek Coast Guard in crucial lifesaving efforts.

The boats were stationed in Samos, as requested by the Greeks.

Results for this campaign

On 28 October, we conducted our first life-saving mission. Forty six people whose boat had capsized, were lifted from the water or rescued from dangerous rocks which they would never have been able to leave by themselves.

Since then, 1,016 lives have been saved.

A result that we could not previously even have dreamed of.

Schibsted personnel have also stepped up and were given the opportunity to donate a percentage of their November salary to the Yellow Boats. The project has united the companies, generating pride and commitment throughout the Group. Swedish daily newspapers, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet, have, for the first time ever, begun working together on a project. But companies such as Blocket and Let’s Deal have also contributed to the Yellow Boats.

And around Sweden, the Swedish people have been touched by the project.

To date, we have collected about SEK 5 million from individuals and an additional SEK 1.6 million from companies. Combined: SEK 6.6 million.

It costs about SEK 1.5 million a month to operate the Yellow Boats. Consequently, far more money is needed than we have received to date.

Nonetheless, both Schibsted and the Swedish Sea Rescue Society are determined to continue the Yellow Boats campaign – as long as funds continue to enter the account and the flow of refugees continues.

Link to the campaign site: http://gulabatarna.se/


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