2016 Finalist

Not just another diva!

Schibsted Norway

Oslo, Norway

Category Print Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

In a challenging media marked changing faster than ever where everybody gets their news for free, the popularity of the news-paper is rapidly declining and it is more difficult to get the readers to pay for content. In the jungle out there it is really not easy to know who you can rely on and it is hard to understand why you should subscribe.The new concept!
Aftenposten has a special standing in Norway as one of the most the trustworthy sources of news.
The gap from having a god reputation to getting new paying subscribers however - is still one of our main challenges. In the jungle of messages and copycats out there, we decided to build a concept who would stand out from the crowd, using someone unexpected to get the attention, hopefuly not compromising with our good reputation.
In addition to traditional marketing and use of TV, radio, boards and different ads, we had to try out new digital ways to meet our readers.
Testing, trying and adjusting along the way helped us get more out of this campaign than ever before. Espescially the use of our meter/paywall, articles, new campaign buttons and direct emails helped us to achieving our goals.
The opening rate on our email increased from 30% to almost 40% during this campaign.

Results for this campaign

During the campaign we increased revenue with 22%, getting more subscribers to stay with us, and we managed to lower the convertion cost with 17%, focusing more on new digital sales channels.
In fact we increased digital sales with over 75% in 2015, with over 30 000 new paying digital subscribers.
And on top of it all, we got many new readers with over 90 000 new trial subscribers.
Hopefull we got to show new readers why it is important to choose Aftenposten – everyday, and how you will experience many benefits as a subscriber.
Weather you choose to read us on your mobile, your PC, your iPad or as a news paper, you can trust us as a reliable source, regardless of who you are, and what you do,
- even now when everybody and everything else is changing- faster than ever.


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