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Auckland, New Zealand

Category Launch of a Brand or Product to Create An Audience Segment

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Overview of this campaign

• Establishing ourselves as a key player in the video on demand (VOD) space with males 18-39
• Driving traffic from internal and external marketing channels to grow episode views.
• Grow the newsletter database to achieve a 50% open rate.
• Achieve 150,000 video streams in the launch period.
There is a huge move towards video with 27% of New Zealanders viewing video online every week showing a staggering +44% YOY growth.* NZME has turned its focus onto supporting and producing original content to further connect with our audiences.
WatchMe launched at the end of 2015 as the only comedy and entertainment VOD platform featuring 100% NZ content.
Our launch campaign drew on the strength of our content ¬– the problem was, there wasn’t that much of it. So we also played on the fact that we were the underdog in the market, and made no apologies about it.
As an unknown brand, we focused on three key areas:
- Awareness - we first focused on the hero shows that featured well-known and up-and-coming talent, combined with witty headlines, and taglines which poked fun at how little content we had. This was driven via integrated media placement across NZME, including bespoke radio ads for each new episode, social media engagement and external digital placement.
- Education – we wanted to demonstrate that WatchMe was an easy-to-use, free platform with 100% NZ comedy and entertainment content. This was mainly driven via strong NZME editorial integration as well as clever homepage placement.
- Direct Traffic – we created bespoke videos for each new episode to show that there was new content available as well as to give a visual preview of the episode, with a strong CTA to click through. This was driven by highly targeted digital placement on video networks, SEM and social which maximised efficiency and minimised wastage.
It was important that the brand essence came across in all of the creative as fun, entertaining, energetic, Kiwi and an alternative to mainstream broadcast.

Results for this campaign

- 23% more video streams against KPI
- 168% over industry standard CTR
- 1.2% over newsletter open rate KPI
The launch campaign made a major impact on our target audience, driving traffic to WatchMe.co.nz.
• In the first month of launch, the site had over 432,508 page views and 184,570 video streams (23% over KPI)**.
• NZME editorial teams created over 15 pieces of content promoting WatchMe.co.nz and its comedy offering.
• Within 5 weeks of launch, the WatchMe Facebook page had accumulated over 1,500 page ‘likes’.
• Newsletter open rates are sitting at 51.2% (35.6% higher than industry average)
• Average newsletter CTR of 8.8%. (Media and publishing industry average CTR is 2.4%).
• Over the launch campaign we achieved a .85% CTR (over ten times the industry standard CTR of .07%)
We’re reaching and engaging with the right target audience and they love us:
• The WatchMe audience average according to Google Analytics is: 18-44 years old, 63% male and spends 3.10 minutes on WatchMe.
On Facebook, we’ve had some fantastic feedback:
“Keep the programs coming I’m loving it!”
“This is a BRILLIANT service!!! Thank you guys!”
“Bloody Awesome guys… when are we getting another installment of The Critic and the Pig? Second best thing on the web after LNBB”.
“Just click onto this show, farkin hilarious! Best comedy I’ve seen in ages bar none and by far best nz show…”
And on Twitter:
“That was next level funny! Freaking good job there @leighhart70 & @hoytejason”
“ @HoyteJason Mate the @LATENIGHTBB is my favourite Kiwi comedy ever. So pleased it came back & my how kiwis really love indoor/outdoor.”
Based on the above results, the WatchMe launch campaign exceeded all expectations and sets a high benchmark with which to start 2016.
* Source: Nielsen CMI, May 2015 fused database, Nielsen NZ Multi-screen report, 2015
**Source: Site data: Google Analytics, comScore DAx, 1 Dec – 30 Dec 2015, Video data: Brightcove Analytics, 1 Dec – 31 Dec 2015


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