2016 Winner


Zero Hora

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

Created based on an old idea held by the three original founders of Destemperados - Lela Zaniol, Diego Fabris and Diogo Carvalho - of having an innovative space dedicated to food and cooking, Casa Destemperados has as its main goal to provide unique experiences and generate relevant contents for people who enjoy truly experiencing food and cooking.

After partnering with Grupo RBS, the challenge of creating new business opportunities to expand revenue with the content platforms arose. The Casa Destemperados’s objective is grow sales and retain client, with activities used to support the sales or retention of display advertising, gathering people for eat and drink well.

Video case: https://youtu.be/NZiiibETMxE

Results for this campaign

In 2015, Casa Destemperados created and executed over 150 events, including ARP (Rio Grande do Sul Advertising Association) Week, which gathers the most important specialists in the communications segment in the country to discuss the paths to be taken by clients, media outlets and agencies, the food experience course, organized in partnership with Perestroika, which brought dozens of very important personalities of the food and cooking segment in Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro chef Thomas Troisgros, to discuss topics such as creative processes, management, as well as brand construction and expansion, in addition to courses and other food- and cooking-related events.

Overall, the events held in 2015 drew in approximately 30,000 people. At least 100 events held by Casa Destemperados had an educational purpose. Moreover, with its platforms, Destemperados had over eight guides sold in partnership with newspaper Zero Hora, from Grupo RBS, being followed by 60,000 people on Instagram, with over 4 million website accesses and 100,000 pocket guides handed over.

These numbers and our large audience have drawn in several sponsors that invested their brands in areas of our Casa, with products and partnerships in events. This brought in over BRL 1 million in revenues for Casa Destemperados in 2015.


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