2016 Finalist

Tiempo de Volar


Bogotá, Colombia

Category Video

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

To react to the challenges of this digital revolution and evolve to become a powerful tool to bring support to newsgathering.
To construct EL TIEMPO digital brand inside and outside the company.
To present audiences with a highly creative format, pioneer in Colombia in the use of drones and to produce multimedia pieces for mobile, web and even TV.
To support not only informative purposes, but marketing and avertising as well.

Results for this campaign

"Tiempo de Volar" has already received awards like the Grupo de Diarios de América (GDA) for innovation.
This combination of innovative visuals and digital narratives has allowed us to bring new income and gather new audiences reaching important milestones in terms of traffic and viral success.
To open new flows of revenue for the Organization by sellling aereal camera services to advertisers and other organizations.


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