2016 Finalist

VGs 70th anniversary


Oslo, Norway

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

Our key goal was creating a communication concept that emphasized the importance of VG as a publishing house that has brought the news to the Norwegian people since 1945.
As a basis, we choose the 30 most important historical events over the last 70 years and reminded people of the role of the press, and especially VG, during major events. It was important for us that the campaign suited VGs brand as a provider of a wide range of news, sports and entertainment.
Our goals were:
· Make a story that people would love, one that would engage the public and create enthusiasm
· Match the public perception of VG

Results for this campaign


The results exceeded all expectations

  • 84% said they loved the campaign, whilst the industry average for positive feedback on campaigns, normally lie at a mere 52%

  • 61% agreed that the commercial matches their perception of VG

According to the media agency MediaCom, the commercial was the biggest hit of the summer, and in the top three in 2015 as a total. It is also one of VG’s most popular commercials of all time, and the public loved it.

Casefilm: http://icecube.cc/video/vg/vg70case

Commercial: www.vgtv.no/#!/video/114210/blod-svette-og-trykksverte

Interactive story: http://www.vg.no/70aar/


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