2016 Finalist

The Oklahoman Sports Campaign

The Oklahoman Media Company

Oklahoma City, United States

Category Print Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

As we pored over the results of our extensive brand health benchmarking study in January, two things became clear: Oklahomans love sports and they believe The Oklahoman does a fine job of covering it. This is just one of over 8 distinct executions created for this comprehensive multi-channel campaign.

This created an opportunity for us to drive brand measures upward by way of highlighting our sports coverage. Our objective was to position The Oklahoman as the source for the best local sports content in the state. We wanted to emphasize that no one delivers more sports content, has a larger sports news team, or wins more awards for excellence in sports journalism than The Oklahoman.

In order to complete this objective, we knew we’d have to develop an affable and entertaining campaign. Our lexicon played a major role in this. Each ad featured a headline of three words, often portmanteaus or completely made-up, which spoke to the net takeaways we wanted to impart—extent of sports content, size of team, number of awards. The ads also featured our sports writers, often in humorous scenarios, in an effort to reinforce their likeability as personalities.

Our multi-platform approach reached consumers through email, social media posts, digital ads, print ads, television commercials, and billboards. We designed an interactive landing page where readers could find out more about our writers like their favorite sports movie, favorite ballpark food, and much more.

Results for this campaign


To become the state’s number one choice for sports reporting, we had to make a big splash in the community. So we ran multiple television commercials during each Oklahoma City Thunder game, advertised on third-party websites, and updated the creative material throughout the year. From its launch in March to the end of the year, the Best Sports Campaign generated more than 29,000,000 digital ad impressions and gained more than 145,000 total visits to our landing page. We constantly optimized our email marketing to beat the industry standard for click-throughs by 21 percent, and our digital ad click-throughs shattered industry standards by 71 percent.

In the end, our comprehensive marketing efforts led to an increase in the number of online subscriptions every month.


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