2016 Winner

WSJ Customer Knowledge Program


New York, United States

Category Consumer Research

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Overview of this campaign

The Wall Street Journal is a leading media company that for 125 years has constantly produced and innovated in journalism, content, products and platforms, driven by a variety of factors. In 2014, with ambitious growth goals, the Journal decided to focus its business and put the customer first – in everything they did.

To do this we launched the CKP Customer Knowledge Program, with the goal of knowing our customers inside out, and as part of this a comprehensive segmentation project was undertaken.

The data we collected showed ten key segments for the The Wall Street Journal. However, this study was just the start - for the Customer Knowledge Program to be successful we needed to make the data and findings accessible to the entire company, many of whom were not used to research studies.

We created a series called “Customers of The Wall Street Journal” – which we launched with an integrated internal campaign.

The series first manifested itself in posters and booklets taking inspiration from bird-watching spotter’s guides. Using this format, confusing demographic data and media habits, were turned into an interesting and memorable descriptions and visualizations. What’s more instead of uninspiring stock photos we had Stanley Chow, a world-class illustrator, create unique portraits of each of the segments that our employees could connect with.

We the created a series of high quality video interviews with subscribers that closely resembled their key six segments, their genuine stories and human characteristics reinforcing the data in the original study.

Results for this campaign

The campaign took place over a month, launching with a takeover of all WSJ offices nationwide. Each employee (over 1,100 people) received a bound copy of ‘The Customers of The Wall Street Journal’ booklet. The segment interviews were released via email every few days, and we encouraged employees to take a quiz to discover which segment they were. Throughout the month, workshops and tutorials were also held to show how to apply the knowledge into all areas of communication, across all aspects of the business.

The results were phenomenal and segmentations for other Dow Jones brands are already underway:

  • 2,200+ employees have taken the WSJ segmentation quiz to date
  • New hired employees are required to take the survey and have an overview of segments as part of their on-boarding 
  • Nearly 700 people attended kick off sessions hosted by WSJ NY, Princeton, Barcelona, London, Paris and Hong Kong
  • A series of 6 interactive sessions held in first quarter in NY, Princeton, and London, live-streamed to other global offices 
  • Global emails about CKP to staff - average about 46% open and 12% CTO


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