2016 Finalist

It's a Wrap

News Corp Australia

Surry Hills, Australia

Category Print Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

Communication Brief

The communication brief was simple: the advertisement should highlight the opening dates, ticket release, purchase opportunities and create buzz around this iconic show coming to Sydney. We set out to “paint the town” for Les Miserables and left a lasting impression.


Client involvement was the team’s top priority, and as the custodians of this international image, they liaised with our designers and were open to creative recommendations to help ensure that the brand was not compromised in any way. Collaboration remained first and foremost in all the team’s dealings with internal and external stakeholders, and was a pivotal objective in itself.

Our team across different departments, including Pre-media, Customer Solutions, Editorial and Print Production, worked together to make sure all deadlines and deliverables were met. A 6-week printing test was conducted to ensure flawless precision in the finished product, adjusting the colours and image to see fit.

This creative was a complicated and labour-intensive execution from a design and product perspective, with the ultimate goal of being undeniably impactful.

Results for this campaign

Creativity – New Concept, New Heights

The Les Miserables wrap was the first of its kind in the entertainment category, spawning from a simple brief to “paint the town” as the iconic show made its debut performance in Sydney.

The execution selected was a 4-page transparent wrap; an innovative design inspired by a mélange of creativity, collaboration and effective planning to maximise impact. The visual execution aligned perfectly with the brief, “painting the town” with French colours and a brilliant image display to entice both readers and non-readers. A front page strip and an outside back cover formed part of the advertisement from a logistics standpoint to communicate further information and drive ticket sales.

Our team worked very hard to cover even the smallest detail to meet every objective, delivering more than what was expected.


The coveted Les Miserables wrap took the whole of Sydney by storm; from cafés displaying the matte pull through on their pin boards to readers holding on to them as keepsakes.

The musical’s international producer, Cameron Mackintosh, was exceedingly impressed by the campaign visuals that captured the outdoor and theatre branding, saying that it was unlike anything he had seen in London’s newspaper industry.

The wrap was also the winner of the Best Print Single Advertisement for a Client Award at the 2015 PANPA Advertising & Marketing Awards.

These impressive results stand as a testament to the way our team have capitalised on opportunities and collaborated with a client to help captivate the Sydney market and leverage demand for Les Miserables. This execution contributed to selling out 9 weeks’ worth of shows and left a lasting imprint on the minds of our audience. As a major publisher, we strive to align with our client’s communication strategy and objective to generate revenue. This solid campaign proves that it does pay to think outside the (advertisement) square.


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