2016 Finalist

Melbourne Cup Incentive Programme

Fairfax Media

Auckland, New Zealand

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

In order to address the business problem of ensuring ongoing profitability and creating opportunity to monetise and grow revenue, an advertising incentive programme was created to incentivise customers to grow their YOY spend to receive a place on the 5-star Melbourne Cup trip.

Engage with loyal advertisers while doubling incremental revenue
Increase incremental revenue by $25,000 per advertiser
Sell incentive package to 20 clients

A sales package was created and introduced nationwide. Advertisers who increased their YOY spend by $25,000 compared to the same period last year, received a place on the 5-star trip to the 2015 Melbourne Cup.

Clients and Fairfax Media staff attended the trip to Melbourne which was a perfect opportunity to nurture client relationships. Outstanding client feedback from those who attended supports a successful revenue generating initiative.

“Please pass on my thanks to your team for organising and hosting such an amazing trip, the attention to detail and extra touches didn’t go unnoticed, we were all appreciative. It was such a fantastic opportunity to attend the Melbourne Cup and with such a lovely group of people, a bucket list tick, that will always be remembered thanks to Fairfax”.

Results for this campaign

In summary we:

- sold all 20 packages
- achieved target budget PLUS an extra 15%
- delivered customers an unforgettable experience
- was so successful will be repeated again


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