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Touchpoint NPS research

Touchpoint NPS research

Fairfax Media

Auckland, New Zealand

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Overview of this campaign

Fairfax Media New Zealand publishes nine daily and two Sunday newspapers. Our call centre handles an average of 8,500 calls as well as 8,600 emails every week to address the needs of subscribers of these newspapers.
While we had a comprehensive research programme in place to measure the performance of our daily newspapers we wanted to implement a continuous project that would allow us to find, measure and address customer issues as quickly as possible, as well as to identify and address wider systemic issues in the business that have an impact on our customers. The key goal was to improve the customer experience by putting our customers at the heart of our decision making.
We opted to use the Net Promoter System (NPS), as developed by Bain and Co, to achieve our objectives as this would allow us to find customer issues and address these as well as to track the impact of any changes we made through monitoring an overall Net Promoter Score.
We aimed to create a solution that would enable key stakeholders from across the business to see results on an ongoing basis and work together to implement changes to improve the customer experience. We needed a solution that would enable stakeholders to get the information relevant to their area of the business in real time without the need for time-consuming, manual reporting.
A key requirement was to implement a NPS system, rather than just focus on measuring a score. This means that it is much more than simply about collecting data and measuring performance as we focus on ensuring we close the loop by giving feedback to frontline staff and management and contact detractors (those who give the lowest scores) to resolve issues, and take action on the results. We also wanted to ensure we had a system in place that was efficient and able to pick up sentiment that is not always reflected in simple number ratings.

Results for this campaign

We implemented a resource light process, enabled by the use of Adobe Campaign, our marketing automation system. Subscriber data is analysed and segmented to trigger daily surveys. Results are compiled daily and automatically fed through to a dashboard.
An industry leading semantic analytics solution, utilising machine learning, is used to automate coding of verbatim responses. This delivers key themes and sentiment to provide additional colour.
The dashboard allows filtering by key elements so that stakeholders can focus on areas most relevant to them. This is essential given the volume of responses.
Low scoring responses are sent to the Customer Care team daily, with customers identified as priority, called. The team get positive feedback, with subscribers surprised that the team has taken the time to read their feedback and address their complaints:
"It is nice to know that you really do take our concerns on board and make the time to contact us to acknowledge this."
"I fill out many surveys and a majority of these you never hear anything back, so well done Fairfax."
Data is accessible to agents for feedback and coaching, with agents who achieve high scores assisting weaker performers. Daily 30 minute huddles are held to address immediate concerns.
Weekly operational meetings are held to discuss results for the week and key areas of improvement to focus on.
An Action Group, made up of key staff across different verticals including Distribution, Marketing, Editorial, and Finance, meet monthly to discuss results, identify major systemic issues and brainstorm solutions to problems.
Examples of new initiatives implemented by the Action Group include:
- Reward constructive behaviour by customers that help us to identify an issue, through an email saying thank you with a reward
- Reward agents who achieve the highest NPS scores - each month our top three call centre performers are sent a letter from a member of our executive management team with a reward.
- The results have shown an immediate impact with an improvement since the start of measurement.


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