2016 Finalist

How to build the brand through brand extensions… and achieve great profits

Schibsted Norway

Oslo, Norway

Category Create New Profit Centers

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Overview of this campaign

In 2006, Aftenposten was a strong brand in the newspaper industry, but we had no role in the magazine industry.

Aftenposten Publishing was established. The objective was to create an extra revenue flow to compensate for the decline in newspaper ad income and strengthen the Aftenposten brand through brand extensions.

We thought it was a good idea because:
- Aftenposten is a trustworthy brand
- There was no major Norwegian magazines with significant content on the market.
- We had available marketing channels within Aftenposten and Schibsted
- We had skills within marketing, sales, product development and editorial production

Results for this campaign

Aftenposten Publishing's annual growth rate has been 25-30 % since 2008. The turnover passed 100 million NOK (11.5 million $) in 2015.

Despite our fast growth rate and high level of innovation, we achieve great profits. Expected net profit ratio 2016 is 17.5 %, including the cost of launching a new magazine in the portfolio.

In 2015, the department’s payed print run passed 130.000 (40 % of Aftenposten total). MAGASIN+, our digital magazine kiosk launched last year, has already passed 5.000 digital only subscribers.


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