2016 Finalist

Brand Extra - Flight Centre Travel Extra

APN Australian Regional Media

Brisbane, Australia

Category Marketing Solutions for Advertising Clients

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Overview of this campaign

Flight Centre came to us with several issues they were facing: not capturing potential customers early enough in the purchase consideration funnel and store consultants being viewed as booking agents rather than travel experts. With a now more competitive travel market, Flight Centre needed to stand out in this space and gain back lost market share and brand affinity.
See video case study for more: http://apnarm.com.au/flight-centre-case-study/

Results for this campaign

Brand Extra and the wider campaign for Flight Centre delivered an outstanding result;
- Sales increased by 25%
- Transactions grew by 40%
- 70% of respondents recalled the ad and brand consideration increased by 35%
- Brand preference increased by 90% and 85% of people who saw the campaign took action
- 71% agreed that they were more likely to consider Flight Centre thus helping to re-position Flight Centre as the travel experts
See video case study for more: http://apnarm.com.au/flight-centre-case-study/


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