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How To Get Users to Register


Copenhagen, Denmark

Category Digital Audience Usage and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign


On March 9th 2015 Politiken launched a new web-strategy with the objective to enforce our position in the media marketplace by enhancing user-experience and making the site more personal. If users register - or buy a subscription - they get access to a range of functionalities including:

  • New front page flow design.
  • Personal article recommendations. Algorithm based recommendations via tracking of on-site behavior.
  • New ‘follow’ functionality. Follow your favorite journalists, sections and themes.
  • New ‘save’ functionality. Save articles for later.
  • Increased reading experience. Fewer banner ads when logged in.
  • Primary objective: To convert anonymous users to registered users.

Secondary objective: To harvest user-data for the purpose of working towards more data-driven journalism as well as differentiated marketing communication.

Third objective: To strengthen user-loyalty.

Communication Hook

The launch of the new web-strategy was supported by a campaign theme, which in Danish used the phase ‘det er helt sort/all is black’. This back-translates into 'You won't get a thing if you don’t log in’.

Campaign CTA

The CTA was offering a 4-week trial period with free uninhibited access to content on politiken.dk in order to increase registration. The metered-model allows anonymous users 5 free articles per month and registered users 15 free articles per month. So the incentive was clear.

Campaign Elements

Print ads

Impact adds on owned platforms


Facebook launch, two viral-films - a 15" teaser and an explanatory film with Editor-in-Chief Bo Lidegaard introducing ‘Your Politiken’

Digital: Interstitials

March 9th: A black ‘wall’ covering politiken.dk – users had to register to enter the site.

March 10th +: Soft ‘wall’ – a black interstitial asking for registration but with an option to click away

Cover zones on site – selected content was covered by black ‘skins’.

Direct Mail

4-step mail flow introducing newly registered users to politiken.dk and a surprise&delight offer, allowing them to sample Politiken’s loyality-programme, Politiken Plus.


Outdoor posters on train stations

Results for this campaign

The campaign exceeded expectations and delivered on all KPI’s.

Campaign Result

Registered users

Number of registered users grew 763 % between February 2015 and March 2015.

February 2015: 12.118

March 2015: 104.546


The number of subscribers grew 35 % between February 2015 and March 2015

February 2015: 49.724

March 2015: 67.193

Campaign Metrics

Facebook Performance

Reach: 163.000 people

Impressions: 220.050

Views: 59.218

CPT: 0,044 DKK

CPC: 1,617 DKK

CTR: 4.525 to politiken.dk

Budget: 7.324 DKK/1.072 dollars

Mailflow Performance

Mail 1:

Recipients: 152.188

Openrate: 39,256

CTR: 6%

Mail 2:

Recipients: 134.680

Openrate: 37,96%

CTR: 10%

Mail 3:

Recipients: 146.583

Openrate: 34,31%

CTR: 7%

Mail 4

Recipients: 85.026

Openrate: 30,93%

CTR: 10%


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