2016 Finalist

A Brand-New Newspaper: The New Gazeta do Povo

Gazeta do Povo

Curitiba, Brazil

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

Accessible technologies, brand new ways to look at work, pleasure and relationships completely changed how people consume a big variety of products, including Gazeta do Povo,
Which brought up a complex question: what is the role of a newspaper nowadays?
So, more than planning the communication of a newspaper, our challenge was to renovate the very purpose.
Responding to an extensive process of inside researches and surveys with customers, various guidelines were redefined to lead all the departments of the new Gazeta do Povo: we must be useful for people.
To show that Gazeta do Povo is always participating in people’s life in every moment.
From ordering food at home to picking up a bride’s dress. From the simplest cake recipe to covering the riots that took over the streets. From showing the unforgettable goal your team scored to helping you choose what you will watch in the movie theater.
Gazeta do Povo connects to people in many different ways and platforms. By giving information or providing a service.
Our strategy was divided in two big steps in 2015:
1st - We created a campaign that connect us to people in an emotional way, showing how close we are in remarkable moments in their lives.
2nd - Along with the revolution in our printed material, we brought up a rational and educational speech that reintroduced our products in their distinct platforms.
The efforts to improve communication introduced our new tagline: This is also Gazeta. This concept was developed to make it simple to understand our wide and diverse field of work, which is way more than just providing information, but being a platform that helps people in every situation in life.
The communication in Gazeta do Povo was highly noted by the costumers and renewed the expectations of the loyal audience and attracting new users to our platform. To fulfil the demand that we created, we had to be revolutionary in our delivery.
All contents from Gazeta do Povo were redesigned (digital and mobile), the specialized magazines expanded with new subjects, new columnists were selected to serve new audiences and the big innovation: we launched a Gazeta do Povo in a new shape: the Berliner. Also, we started to publish one single issue per weekend, the first in Brazil to it.
A new conception of newspaper demands a new visual identity that is extremely attractive in its campaigns. That is why we created films and photographs that communicate in an innovative way, using cinematographic technics to tell stories about people’s life. We made sure to connect the newspaper and the readers in a very personal and emotional way in some moments, and in a rational and useful way in others. Besides, the campaigns had exclusive sections for opinion leaders, subscribers and a share of the public that we elected to give priority.

Results for this campaign

- With the project to reshape the newspaper, involving labour, graphic routes, paper, extinction of the Saturday issue the company saved approximatively 19% per year.
- The business occupation raised 161% (4th trimester/14 x 4th trimester/15)
- We had 414 active clients in December/15. 29% growth compared to December/14.
- 80% of the surveyed remember some kind of publicity they had seen in Gazeta do Povo
- 4th biggest audience in Curitiba and surroundings – 3.8 million of readers per month
- Increase on the perception of the brand Gazeta do Povo:
- 89% of the surveyed like the way the news and services are shown
- 88% of the surveyed find Gazeta do Povo a reliable newspaper.
- 83% of the surveyed notice Gazeta do Povo promoting debates and stimulating different opinions.
- TOP OF MIND on the category Paraná’s newspaper with 69% of brand remembrance
- It presented an increase of 55% on the number of visitors (2014 x 2015) and a 155% increase on the number of mobile visitors (2014 x 2015)
- 57% growth on the number of fans on the Facebook page (January/15 x December/15) and a 54% growth on the number of followers on Twitter (January/15 x December/15)
- On printed newspaper – growth of 10% between January/15 and December/15
- On digital newspaper – growth of 116% between January/15 and December/15
- Growth of 66% on the number of subscribers in the Gazeta do Povo website - Paywall
- More than 55.000 Club cards issued in 2015, 168% more than the year before.
- Satisfaction Rate on the advantages of the Club of 82% (10% above the first promotion)
- 53% of the interviewed customers believe that 50% of the price of subscription is paid with the benefits and discounts from the Club.


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