2016 Finalist

Mojo (Mobile Journalism)

Independent Newspapers

Durban, South Africa

Category Social Media

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

The objective of ‘Mojo’ is to introduce fresh, young minds to target a new readership that does not currently exist within the traditional framework using new media tools and a mobile phone.
We tell stories using only a mobile phone that make people stop and watch We tell stories on Twitter which become part of people’s daily news consumption. We help bridge the gap between print and digital media by training print journalists and editors on how to use mobile phones to tell stories We create quizzes as an interactive element for readers to take note of current events We provide ‘food for thought’ content that enables people to see the importance of a story - that exists within their social media consumption We give minute-by-minute updates of a breaking story using a liveblog format for readers to keep up with what’s going on.

Results for this campaign

Biggest campaign was #FEESMUSTFALL - results 53674 Tweets, 15 471 839 Page Impressions and 125 064 URL clicks
MOJO IOL told stories on video using only a cellphone which captured the hearts and minds of many. MOJO IOL gave minute-by-minute account as events unfolded throughout the country using various live formats. MOJO IOL contributed live format, video content and breaking news copy that helped IOL trend on top, which ensured that iol.co.za was the go-to website for all updates relating to #NationalShutDown, #WitsFeesMustFall, #FeesMustFall, #UnionBuilding, Mmusi Maimane and many more. MOJO IOL transformed a traditional media company into a digital powerhouse.


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