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News Corp Australia Tablet Value Bundle

News Corp Australia

Surry Hills, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

Value, value and a bonus tablet
With people consuming more news on digital platforms, we saw an opportunity to develop a new paid subscription initiative to drive incremental subscriptions by bundling a tablet with a digital subscription to one of our mastheads.
We researched and tested the idea with The Australian masthead in December 2014, which was very successful. We then refined and tailored the proposition for our major metropolitan mastheads. The Metro Tablet Value Bundle campaign was launched in March 2015 and ran for 5 weeks.
Our metro offer included a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with purchase of a 12-month subscription for $249. The bundle also included a 6-month subscription to Presto TV and movie streaming, 12-month digital magazine subscription and a free eBook each month. The total value of the offer to consumers was $670. Subscribers received the tablet 5 days of subscribing – all packaged up with a welcome letter, pre-loaded News Apps, step-by-step instructions on how to set up and access the news, as well as their Presto TV and movie streaming subscription.
The offer gave customers a high-end device on which they could consume our news content through our website and also our tablet edition.
The creative focused on the tablet and the value you get. We targeted creative executions for different segments and drivers featuring our well-known masthead journalist talent. These were:
Entertainment: Highlighting Presto TV and movie streaming as part of the bundle,
Sport: We called out all benefits for the Sport Lover; and
Value led: Focusing on monetary value – $670 worth of value for just $249
The campaign was integrated across newspaper, web, and mobile with a bespoke DRTV execution on Fox Sports. Additionally, lifecycle communications were introduced to drive greater engagement with the news product, and digital platforms used to consume it.

Results for this campaign

Our primary objective was to drive incremental subscriptions with the campaign exceeding targets by 13% and generating more than 4,500 new subscriptions. Additionally, these new subscriptions drove a 68% increase in weekly Android tablet edition usage, within the campaign period.
The creative performed very strongly with print response rates 104% better than our standard creative. This was largely due to showcasing the tablet as the hero, highlighting it was a ‘bonus’, having targeted creative executions and using local sport and journalist talent to promote. The editorial integration from each of the mastheads was also outstanding and drove an uplift of 305% in response when in the newspaper.
Following success of the first Metro Tablet Value Bundle campaign, we have used seasonality to launch subsequent offers ie. “End of Financial Year” and “Summer”. The 6 tablet bundle campaigns we have now run in 2015 have contributed more than 13,400 total incremental subscriptions to our major metropolitan mastheads and The Australian, currently representing 9% of all acquisitions in 2015.
In 2015, this new paid subscription initiative has also demonstrated high customer engagement:
• 95% of tablet value bundle subscribers remain active,
• 93% of subscribers have interacted with the content via web (on desktop, mobile or tablet) or App since July 2015; and
• Tablet value bundle subscribers App engagement is more than 2 times higher than the general base.


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