2016 Finalist

Turn Comments Into Insights: How We Use Social Media as a New Tool for Research

Gazeta do Povo

Curitiba, Brazil

Category Consumer Research

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

Facebook: a stage where people can give their opinion about the most relevant topics, where everyone has a voice and the right to make a stand.
- How to explore the platform to hear what readers have to say about Gazeta do Povo?
- How to create a dialogue between the brand and the public?
- How to bring insights of improvements in a fast way with a cost cheaper than traditional surveys?
We transformed a private group in the social network in a research lab for tendencies, besides being a way of getting to know the buyer’s habits and preferences.
Main Functions:
- Evaluate the perception of the brand (share of mind); loyalty (share of heart) and credibility of the products and corporative image
- Estimate the Market potential of new products and evaluation in campaigns, correcting the directions if necessary.
- Capture tendencies associated to new opportunities of business or changes, identifying profiles and cluster.
- Streamline researches by getting critics and opinions that work as an insight for campaigns, changes in products etc.
- For each one of the insights surveys held on Facebook, a team of Marketing professionals from Gazeta do Povo would select participants based on the aim of the survey and interaction of each individual on the brands fan page. The select ones were included in a secret group on the social network, where questions were raised to foment debates concerning the newspaper next steps, testing prototypes and insights. From this initial discussion, a definite panel was created for discussions in interviews that could be semi-structured, not-structured or in-depth. Finally, through the methodology was possible to observe the attitudes, perceptions and opinions that would bring the Gazeta do Povo team closer to the reality and expectations of readers and non-readers in a faster way.
A. Subscribers:
- 70% of subscribers will be from the digital platform
- 30% of subscribers will be from the printed platform
B. Registered people that access competing websites
- Question to verify through the paywall base
C. Non-registered
- Mailings obtained through the Commercial of Audience sector.
- Interactions with the CRC (Corporative Marketing)
60% of the selected from categories B or C
Incentive Dynamics
- R$ 3,50 per interaction (non-cumulative) with comments and answers in the same post
- Totally, the group had approximately 30 participants being 40% subscribers and the other 60% from categories B or C

Results for this campaign

- We raised a number of questions in 3 months with the panel, received hundreds of answers and we were able to Interact with readers.
- We collected insigths for the institutional campaign and improvements/testing of products such as Enkontra.com and The Gazeta do Povo Club
- Raised interaction with the reader public and understanding of how our products are perceived in Market.
- Testing the procedures of buying in the want ads and improving the usefulness of the product, increasing the conversion rate of the e-commerce steps.
- Creation of a new communicational channel to follow-up with the research panel in 2016.


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