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Overview of this campaign

We believe that the Newsday multimedia team has routinely taken online video production to a higher level. We cover a wide range of news stories, features and sporting events. In this sampling of our multimedia team's work, we examine a murder investigation, a young boy who is allergic to nearly all food, a high school football team that adopts Brendan Gallager, a classmate with autism and an 80-year-old dentist who forms a unique, and life-saving, bond with younger fighters at a boxing gym.
In one of our biggest digital initiatives, Newsday reported that nearly 10 percent of high school football helmets being used on Long Island were rated poorly in preventing concussions. Not only did we present a 10-minute video report on the story, we used portions of video as readers scrolled through a truly interactive experience.
The 2014-2015 NHL season was the last for the New York Islanders at the Nassau Coliseum. We followed the Islanders from start to finish and published bi-weekly episodes of the team's final season on Long Island

Here are links to all our video entries:

The Gilgo Beach murder investigation:
Five years after the first body was found on Gilgo Beach, Newsday takes a comprehensive look at the state of the investigation and caught up with family members of the victims.
Gabriel's World
It's probably safe to say you've never met a child like Gabriel Dispenziere. Gabriel, who has eosinophilic esophagitis, is allergic to nearly all food. The condition affects about one in 2,000 people in the United States, less than 1 percent of those with the condition have as severe a case as Gabriel. Newsday followed this remarkable fourth-grader for a few months to tell his story in this in-depth video feature
Always a General
At Douglas MacArthur High School in Levittown, the story is not about bullying or outcasts, but rather, how many students rally around Brendan Gallagher, a classmate with severe autism.
Vinny the Dentist
Vinny Savino, a dentist from Brookville, turned to boxing to help overcome the hardships in his life. Savino, 80, has forged a bond with the young fighters at the Westbury Boxing Gym. Newsday followed Savino for nearly a year to tell his story in this in-depth video feature
The Islanders last season
Under the Helmet

Results for this campaign

The impact of our reporting on high school football helmets was substantial and immediate. We learned that many coaches and school administrators were not aware of Virginia Tech’s safety ratings.
In the days leading up to the story’s publication, 23 of the 60 high schools with low-performing helmets said they would take those helmets out of circulation immediately.
One high school, which initially defended its use of low-rated helmets, called to tell us it spent $38,400 on 160 new five-star helmets and would take the low-rated helmets out of circulation as soon as the new ones arrived.
Shortly after the story’s publication, we learned that one school had replaced its entire inventory of helmets after reading our report. The school’s superintendent said the district had no idea about the Virginia Tech testing and credited our story with the decision to spend almost $30,000 to buy 125 of the top-rated helmets.
In the weeks that followed, the helmet safety issue became a topic of discussion at Board of Education meetings across Long Island.
Our Brendan Gallagher video resulted in an outpouring of community support and feedback, including a heightened awareness among students and local families about autism.


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