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The Advertiser Real Estate Magazine

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Adelaide, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

On Saturday August 29, 2015, The Advertiser relaunched its popular Real Estate magazine from newsprint to gloss and re-designed it at the same time. The Advertiser is now the only metro newspaper in Australia with a gloss real estate product.

Key objectives for the launch campaign were:

- 13% incremental increase in advertising revenue for FY16
- 1% print circulation increase on a Saturday
- Start 400 new subscribers through a Saturday subscription acquisition campaign

Target Markets

- Real Estate Vendors and Agents
- Readers / Real Estate buyers

Creativity of the Print Product and Launch Campaign

The creativity was three-fold:

1) High resolution gloss stock to present vendor houses as clear as possible
2) New sections including Dream Homes from around the world and a new Dream Interiors section to attract new Retail advertising
3) A contemporary design refresh overall

The reason for gloss was simple, we know that the best residential property advertising generates an emotional response and we created a product to leverage this response and to drive more people to open house visits – solidifying the power of and our commitment to print.
The launch of the magazine was supported by a multi-platform marketing campaign encompassing paid outdoor, social, radio and print and digital owned assets. Plus a large scale sampling program, including cafes, a four week insertion into The Australian and home delivery sampling to 100,000 non-delivery households.

The campaign was underpinned by a strategic yet simple branding proposition – Your house has never looked better/Now in Gloss – articulating the core new benefit of the product to readers, vendors and real estate clients alike.

In addition to the new magazine, a digital extension showcasing South Australia’s leading properties was created. Top 100 Homes was heavily promoted on Friday afternoons where a carousel was given top priority on the home page. This provided a cross platform value-ad for key advertising clients and seamlessly pre-promoted the printed product, driving demand for the magazine and ultimately retail circulation.

Results for this campaign

The introduction of the gloss Real Estate Magazine has been a success:

- Halfway through financial year but on track to exceed 13% advertising revenue increase for FY16 (Jul 15 - Jun 16)
- Welcomed by Readers/Vendors - 66% say they are more likely to read / 81% say “ it’s a better environment to advertise my property”
- Welcomed by Real Estate Agents - 12 of top 15 have increased their commitment, 6 have launched new brand looks to leverage the gloss and all mono advertising has now converted to colour
- We successfully publish at our print centre for a quarter of the budgeted cost and 4 hours earlier than anticipated
- The investment has been critical - giving agents confidence to recommend print to vendors

Advertising revenue has also exceeded expectations through securing major Bank SA and RealEstate.com.au sponsorships, apartment and retirement activity and new high end revenue from furniture retailers and car dealers.

The introduction of the magazine is also directly attributable to an average of 3,000 incremental retail sales on a Saturday, achieving and holding a 1.7% incremental circulation lift since the August launch – helping to reduce structural circulation decline to -4.6% YOY in the Sept 2015 qtr compared to -9.3% in the Sept 2014 qtr . The bolstered Saturday offering also resonated with lapsed and non-delivery households, with the sampling program achieving 472 subscription sales, an 18% increase on the target.

With its clear and decisive impact on both circulation and revenue, the introduction of the gloss Real Estate Magazine was one of the most successful product launches of 2015.


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