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The Interactive Newspapers

Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Singapore, Singapore

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Overview of this campaign

The revenue model of advertisements in newspaper is vastly different from its online equivalent. The way advertisements appear on print is also different from its online equivalent. Advertisers pay for each exposure of their advertisements on print based on a per-day basis according to its size, colour, type, placement and position on a page. Many online newspapers and classifieds websites are free or require small amount of fee regardless of advertisement size and colour. Newspapers companies face falling revenue and readership of its print products as more advertisers switch to online advertising to save cost. It is imperative for print media to deliver higher return on investment for its advertisers while maintaining its print revenue model. As such, newspaper must be able to reach a wider audience and made the advertisements more interesting so as to continue to attract advertisers to pay a premium. Due to its higher pricing on print, genuine ads appear on print media as oppose to duplication, misleading or fake advertisements found online.

Our solution is to develop an exact digital replica of our newspaper, leverage on technology to add interactivity and animation to the advertisements so as to engage readers to read our papers digitally while charging advertisers “interactive and animation” premiums in addition to the traditional print rates. Our innovations seek to enable our newspapers in print format to maintain its print revenue model, increase its readership online, gain additional revenues from the added digital features, and extend the reach of the advertisements to wider audience beyond the newspaper online and physical copy circulations.

By having a digital replica of our newspaper, readers could enjoy the editors’ choice of news placement and pagination. Advertisements in the print format are better able to grip readers’ attention through its creativity, colour, size, position and placement. With our patent-pending animation methodology for newspaper publication in its digital replica, the papers become interactive and alive.

Results for this campaign

Through our inventions, we could continue to grow our print revenue in the papers and gain additional revenue from “interactive and animation” features in its digital replica. Our methodology enables animation to be incorporated in the newspapers without any costly overhead of creative artwork designers working after midnight when the newspaper has completed pagination on a daily basis.

Through our patented interactive features, we enable readers to do what they would have done on a print product but in a more convenience way digitally. They could do “paper clippings”, search and share advertisements digitally, as well as contact advertisers via one-touch call, messaging, email or go directly to advertisers’ websites. The digital replica is presented in exactly the same manner as its print copy, allowing online readers to do a quick one-glance page overview as well as offering nice and pleasant reading and browsing experience. In another words, we leverage on technology to mimic what readers would have done when reading newspapers on print, and to engage our readers with the animated advertisements, and to enable the advertisements to reach a much wider audience online when readers share the advertisements digitally through social media, email, messaging, and so on. With a wider reach for their print advertisements, we retain our advertising clients while grow our advertising sales.

The Straits Times Classified has a print circulation of an average of about 305,000 copies daily. We have achieved more than 106,000 downloads of our apps which is about 35% of our daily print circulation. This remarkably high number of downloads is achieved without any promotional mechanics. The usefulness of our innovative interactive and animation features entice readers to read our paper digitally. The animation feature enables us to earn up to 20% additional revenue for each animated advertisement, on top of the usual print revenue.

Download 3-minute demo video: http://www.sphclass.com.sg/ip/

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