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Overview of this campaign

How to stimulate yourself
Our marketing analytics shows that if subscribers consume their news across multiple devices and products (eg. the newspaper, the tablet and mobile editions, the mobile site and the website); they are more engaged, will stay with us longer and are 19% less likely to churn.
We needed to raise awareness of the rich and immersive experience of our complete digital product suite that comes with a subscription to our major metropolitan mastheads.
Our key objectives for the video and campaign were to:
1. Increase brand awareness and consideration of our tablet and mobile editions; and our overall subscription offering
2. Increase tablet and mobile usage and engagement of subscribers
3. Drive acquisition of new subscribers by showcasing our digital editions, as well as the breadth and depth of news, sport and entertainment that our subscribers have access to everyday.
Demo videos can tend to be too instruction based and boring. We wanted readers to “learn while they laugh”, so we set out to develop a film with talent that could deliver this – a demo video people actually talk about and share.
We enlisted the help of Australian icon Barry Humphries and his alter egos, Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson, to bring a touch of pizzazz and their trademark humour to ‘educate’ people about our tablet and mobile editions.
It’s the first time Barry Humphries, Dame Edna and Sir Les have appeared together in an advertising campaign and includes a cameo appearance from high-profile Australian – model Jennifer Hawkins. This line up let us tell a story following the indiscretions of Sir Les and his awkward relationship with Dame Edna.
We produced a full 2-minute movie – and 3 x 30 second TVCs showcasing specific features of the digital editions. The mini movie appeared on Facebook, YouTube, and our campaign online hub. Additionally we used pre-rolls to create intrigue and engagement.
The video featured across television, web, mobile and social media.

Results for this campaign

We launched the video to our existing subscribers via an eDM and in social media on 25 September 2015 via our masthead news feeds. This early launch created an initial buzz around the video and some strong early momentum. On 27 September, we officially launched in newspaper, web and mobile. PR was then rolled out from 30 September.
Key results and achievements of video to date are:
• 3.4 million video views on Facebook and YouTube with a 34% video engagement rate (compared to 20% industry benchmark)
• 84% positive/neutral comments on Facebook which is a +24ppt increase on what we normally see
• 4 million pre-roll video plays with up to 82% full completion rate on 15sec format (compared to 75-80% industry benchmark)
• TV reach of 6.4 million on Seven and Network Ten delivering 1+ reach goals
• PR reach of 2 million including a live interview with Dame Edna on The Project and an interview with Lisa Wilkinson on The Today Show
• 23% CTR to view the video (compared to 11% industry average) from eDM to 100,000 existing members
Against our key objectives we achieved significant results:
1. Brand awareness and consideration
Of our tablet and mobile editions measured pre and post campaign. Results show statistically significant uplifts in:
Spontaneous awareness of subscriptions:
+10ppt for tablet users who are consumers of news
Prompted awareness of our tablet and mobile editions:
+10ppt with existing online readers of one of our mastheads
Consideration to use our online, tablet or mobile editions:
+12ppt with existing online readers of one of our mastheads
2. Usage and engagement
• 10% increase to the number of unique logged in subscribers to the tablet and mobile editions
• 30% increase in downloads in the ATL campaign period
3. Acquisition of new subscribers
• 16% uplift in new subscribers over the same period in 2014.


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